الوسـام الماسـي
صامت أه
مفعل أنا عن نفسي لا أقدر
سبق وعملت أحد الإصدارات صامت ومفعل
لكن اٌصدارات الجديدة تُفعل عبر الويب مما جعلني لم أتوصل لطريقة الاقتباس للتعيل من الرجستري



الوسـام الماسـي

أخي طلبك غير واضح هل تقصد عمله
م. أشرف ابوالسعود

م. أشرف ابوالسعود

مشرف منتدى البرامج
ESET NOD32 Antivirus & ESET Smart Security v9.0.386.0 English Silent

1- Silent install
2- Automatic startup file check disabled
3- Set desktop notifications to 3 sec
4- Set notify about missing updates to "No updates"
5- Live Grid enabled and will not submit statistics (Files only)
6- Rescan quarantined files after every update disabled
7- Excluded sites that TNod use (Exclude will work after ESET been activated)

8- Excluded TNod folder
9- Excluded hosts file (Any edit to hosts file Nod32 will delete it!)
10- Excluded SppExtComObjHook.dll file (Used by KMS activators) there's another file in user temp folder you need to exclude it manually
11- Excluded AutoKMS Location
12- Unwanted applications enabled
13- Unsafe applications enabled
14- Excluded sites wont be added in WinXP need to be added manually from here
15- Program Activated (If you find the key expired or blocked use any key to activate)
16- In parental control options you will find BALTAGY user as account! you can delete it anytime
17- Close any browser while installation process ( NOD32 will add certificates to browsers to scan SSL)
18- You must uninstall previous version and restart first

19- Enjoy!