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Using SWM files to recover my drive.

Hello everyone I’m here to share a simple process that could help hundreds of people that have the same problem I had today. I have a Toshiba Laptop and the drive was going bad. So I tried to reset to factory so that I could clone the drive. But while in the factory reset process the system froze and forced me to reboot! Yep that’s right I lost the factory reset option!

Luckily I was able to copy the swm ( 13 files in all ) files from the D:\HDDRecovery\ zzimage folder from the Toshiba recovery partition to a flash drive. Then I created a bat file named “ resettofactory.bat “ in notepad to use imagex to apply the swm files to the main drive partition.

My batch file command “ imagex /ref PREINST*.SWM /apply PREINST.SWM 1 C:\ ”

Then I edited a iso of a Windows 7 repair cd and placed all the swm files along with imagex and it’s associate files to a folder named Factoryreset in the root directory on the iso, then burned to dvd. Yep works like the manufactures recovery discs .

I boot to dvd

then click on “ repair your computer “

then click on “ Command Prompt “

then X:\Sources> displays

then switch to my dvd drive letter

and type “ cd factoryreset “ and press enter button to switch to factoryreset folder where the files are to recovery my computer. Then I just typed resettofactory then pressed the enter button and it starts. You will see a progress bar 100% when done then reboot that’s it. Their it is, a way to make your own factory recovery disc from a Toshiba recovery partition

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