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SpectraCal CalMAN Ultimate for Business v5.6.1.2238

Release Information

SpectraCal released the first version of its
software line for AV professionals in 2009. Since
then CalMAN for Business has become the most widely
used professional calibration software for home
theater installers, professional calibrators and
commercial video wall integrators

Fast, Automated Calibrations
CalMAN for Business software makes calibrating
displays and monitors fast and easy. Get in and out
of jobs quickly and begin calibrating
professionally without excessive training

CalMAN's automation features and expansive hardware
support mean you'll be able to calibrate supported
displays without manually adjusting display

Extensive Hardware Options
SpectraCal works closely with hardware
manufacturers to provide a wide selection of
meters, pattern generators, displays, and video
processors that work seamlessly with CalMAN

SpectraCal software developers also work year-round
to add displays to the list of those supported with
AutoCal(tm), SpectraCal's acclaimed
automatic-calibration technology

Calibration Reports
The calibration workflows in CalMAN for Business
provide print-ready calibration reports, so you can
provide customers before and after data from the
calibration of their displays. CalMAN customer
reports include self-populating charts and graphs
as well as custom fields for inserting the
customer's name and the name of your business

Matching Multi-Panel Video Walls
CalMAN for Business has several workflows tailored
to specific project-types, including a recently
updated Display Matching workflow for calibrating
multi-panel video walls

With a new DeltaMatch(tm) Chart that shows the
difference in color-error between adjacent displays
in an array, the Display Matching workflow takes
the frustration and hassle out of matching multiple
panels in a video wall

Install Notes

Unpack & install
Copy provided "cat01.cff" into the "Config"
folder in install directory, overwrite when asked


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