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كتاب تعليم قواعد اللغة الإنكليزية

Grammar is a very old field of study. Did you know that
the sentence was first divided into subject and verb by
Plato, the famed philosopher from ancient Greece? That
was about 2,400 years ago! Ever since then, students all
over the world have found it worthwhile to study the
structure of words and sentences. Why? Because skill in
speaking and writing is the hallmark of all educated
Lesson by lesson, this book provides basic instruction
in the eight parts of speech—nouns, pronouns, verbs,
adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, and
interjections—as well as the standard patterns of English
All students of English, be they native speakers or those
who are studying English as a second language, will
profit from the fundamental introduction and review of
grammar provided by SADDLEBACK'S BASIC ENGLISH
GRAMMAR 1 and 2. Helpful marginal notes throughout
the books have been provided to reinforce existing skills
and call attention to common problem areas.
We wish you every success in your pursuit of English

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سعد الدين

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