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Steinberg have updated Cubase SX to v2.0.2.31 for both Windows
and OS X.
This version comes with a lot of fixes and enhancements. It also cures the graphical display issue for Mac users on OS X 10.3.x:
New features:
Remote controller (Yamaha DM2000v2/01x* Steinberg Houston/ID* Mackie HUI/Control* Radikal SAC-2K* CM Motormix):
Unused motor fader are moved to lowest position.
Added "Hold" mode for buttons: Shortly pressing a button toggles it* holding it but pressed longer will turn off the parameter when releasing the button.
MIDI Parts play out of time if they were copied where subtle tempo changes are present.
It was not possible to copy and paste events in the tempo track.
MIDI part overlap problem when copying into tempo altered position in project.
Copy/Move multiple parts (ppq) with tempo track active: Parts may be placed at wrong destinations if you move/copy them.
Mac: Importing files bigger than 2GB not possible.
Copy / Paste between INPUT CHANNELS und AUDIO CHANNELS results in crash.
Midex users can make use of the "ignoreportfilter" option now (if the system suffers from the 'early MIDI notes' issue).
Mac: improved OMF compatibility.
Some macros do not work as expected.
Sometimes wrong audio is played if clips are layered.
On Mac OS 10.3 (Panther) some buttons disappear.
Mac: Certain USB audio interfaces (e.g. Emagic A 26/62) problems.
Mac: Improved plug and play detection of USB and Firewire audio interfaces.
Under certain circumstances it is possible that on "empty trash" (pool) the application crashes.
Score Editor crash: Pressing [CTRL] for note-symbol-pop-up menu.
UV22 Plugin can crash if it is inserted in a mono audio channel (Mac only).
Crash in List Editor if Length and Data2 values are altered using the [Alt]-Click method.
Problem when multiple Plugin windows are open and some of them have "Always on Top" status.

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Steinberg Nuendo v2.1.2.28 incl Surround Edition

Steinberg Nuendo 2.0 PC/Mac
Steinberg's Nuendo is a high-end digital audio workstation
developed specifically for the demands of modern multimedia
productions. Regardless of whether you are working on music or
post production project* in broadcasting or video - Nuendo
offers a solution which will perform to the highest
expectations. Nuendo does this more cost-effectively than other
All recording* editing and mixing functions were developed from
scratch* allowing Nuendo to offer the most advanced studio
technology. Nuendo's extensive interface* import and export
functions guarantee perfect integration into every studio
environment. As a cross-platform native system* you can adapt
the Nuendo environment to suit the nature of the project you
are currently working on.

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Steinberg WaveLab v5.01a

WaveLab 5 is the only all-in-one solution for high
resolution stereo and multi-channel audio editing* mastering*
CD/DVD burning and for complete CD or DVD Audio production in outstanding audio quality. WaveLab is not just
a top level mastering tool* it also offers capabilities
for multimedia* sound design with samplers* radio broadcasts* and computer telephony applications. This is why WaveLab is the leading application for digital audio editing.
1996 saw the first chapter in the long and distinguished story of WaveLab. Since then* WaveLab has been
continually developed* and has
become a leading application in digital audio editing. With version 5* WaveLab can once again claim to be the standard which other applications have to measure themselves by.
WaveLab 5 is probably the only all-in-one solution for high resolution stereo and multi-channel audio editing* mastering* CD/DVD burning and for complete CD or DVD Audio production in outstanding audio quality.
These are only some of the fantastic new features in WaveLab 5:
Multi-channel surround audio support from input to output with up to eight audio channels for recording* editing* processing and mastering
Complete DVD Audio authoring toolset* including Playlist editing* on-screen video menu design* picture slide shows* and DVD text
User definable surround-to-stereo down-mixing
DVD Audio burning* including video data
DVD Audio extraction* conversion* and archiving
New "Smart" Video Thumbnail Track for editing audio for video
Track effects in Audio Montage
Multi-channel metering and analysis with up to eight channels
ASIO instant remapping for instant audio compare at the touch of a button
New file formats: WMA Pro 5.1 and 7.1 export* AVI audio import.

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Steinberg MyMp3PRO v5.0

Steinberg myMP3PRO lets you listen to* convert* organize and easily burn your music onto CD and DVD. In addition to its intelligent
database functions you can upload playlists to
external hardware players or
download music from the Internet as well as
play and record Internet radio at the same time.
Steinberg myMP3PRO features loads of flexible recording
functions for all audio sources* MP3PRO
support & surround sound and professional DJ effects.
MP3s can be faded in or out and even cross-faded into each other*
as well as cut in real-time without time-consuming conversion.
Steinberg myMP3PRO includes professional music editing software.
The myMP3PRO's package contains 1 CD with application* a PDF of manual* 50 MP3 songs from BeSonic* a printed Quick Start Guide.

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Steinberg HALion DXi VSTi v2.0.3.5

Imagine your dream sampler. A sampler that is seamlessly integrated into your computer.
No rack space* no MIDI or audio cabling mess*
no sample media chaos.
Total recall inside each song you do* and a user-friendly archive function. That loads
up to 128 instruments at once* 16 of which are simultaneously
playable. That lets you assign sounds to 4 stereo* 4 mono and
5.1 surround outputs* giving you a total of 18 outputs. That
offers easiest handling thanks to drag & drop* pristine sound
quality with 32 Bit/96 kHz support and unrivalled modulation
capabilities. That includes a powerful disk streaming engine
that allows you to load sample libraries in all common formats
(from AKAI through E-MU to GIGA) that are much larger than the
RAM available on your system. And has fantastic sounding
filters powered by Waldorf.

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Steinberg Hypersonic VST Instrument v1.0

Hypersonic is a compositional workhorse and an expandable* high-performance sample player/synthesizer.
The software takes the musical instrument
workstation concept to computer-based music
production environments* offering higher quality* easier use* and more effective playability.
The ultimate virtual music workstation
With 5 high-quality sound generation engines* a large built-in patch library with 1000 patches from more than 50 categories featuring Wizoo's acclaimed sound design* Hypersonic delivers an unbelievable amount of sounds* effects* voices and outputs*
allowing you to generate more high-quality sounds in a given system than ever before.
A fully-integrated database makes finding the right sounds a breeze; "hyper knobs" allows for quicker* easier and more "intelligent" sound-tweaking at the turn of a single knob. Thanks to Hypersonic’s proprietary and unique optimization engine* the software dramatically reduces CPU load* RAM/disk space requirements* and patch/combi loading times.
Hypersonic's synthesis engines and sound library are expandable by Hyper Modules...

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1. Steinberg DeClicker v1.21 DirectX Plug-In with manual


2. Steinberg DeNoiser v1.51 DirectX Plug-In with manual


3. MP3Pro For Steinberg Wavelab v4.x
Download page


4. Steinberg FreeFilter v1.1 DirectX Plug-In


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