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Nokia Suite 3.7.22 Final

البرنامج الرائع للتحكم فى موبايلات نوكيا من خلال جهاز الكمبيوتر
Nokia Suite 3.7.22 Final
برنامج غني عن التعريف هوا الاسرع والافضل للتحكمـ فى جهازك المحمول
يساعدك البرنامج علي التحكمـ فى كافه تظبيقات الموبايل
كالرسائل والصور وملفات الموسيقى والاسماء
وذاكره الهاتف والذاكره الاضافيه (الميموري)
والجديد انه يمكنك من إرسال رسائلك الخاصه من خلال الكمبيوتر

Nokia Suite - a set of software tools for use with mobile phones Nokia, which is a further development of the Nokia PC Suite. With the Nokia Ovi Suite you can effortlessly adjust the data and transmit them to your Nokia device and your computer. This application is designed to run on a PC, has been completely redesigned. It has become easier, more powerful, faster, and now the important information will always be at your fingertips ...

Nokia Suite allows you to do the following
* Synchronize your mobile phone with the online service Ovi
* Synchronize your mobile phone and computer (supported by work with the IR port, Bluetooth and via cable)
* Back up files from your phone
* Transfer in mobile phone pictures, ringtones and video files
* Edit phonebook
* Install a variety of applications (Java and Symbian)
* View and delete SMS and MMS
* Use your phone as a modem (if supported by phone) to connect to the Internet
* Update the phone software
* Download maps for Nokia Maps

Operating system: Windows ® XP / Vista / Seven
Language: Multilanguage
Year: 2013
License: Free
Size: 101 MB




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