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AutoRun III 3.2.4 Professional

Create Professional, secure, multimedia CD/DVD presentations. Autorun's easy-to-use interface and in program help system make creating projects quick and easy. From insuring your files will run on any system, to creating custom Menus and Buttons, AutoRun's powerful features will deliver your product. If you want to deliver your Menu, web site, PDF file, PowerPoint presentation, video, SlideShow, just about anything, on a CD-ROM then AutoRun is the tool you need. * Create Custom Menus and Buttons.
- AutoRun's drag and drop Menu Creator allows you to create any type of Menu you want. Menu Themes are included to help you on your way.
- You can create your own custom Buttons as well as choose from 14 button actions.
* Protect your Files and Content. AutoRun has two forms of security: Disk and File Security.
- Disk Security keeps unwanted users from viewing your CD. There are 6 types to choose from, including Serial Number, License Agreement, and CD Expiry Date.
- File Security keeps your project files compressed into a single file. Your files are extracted when needed, and deleted afterwards. This keeps users from being able to Explore the contents of your CD.
* Insure your Project is seen by the Maximum Audience.
- Not all user's have the latest software or keep their software versions is up to date. This is where the Failsafe Program comes in. AutoRun will detect when a file can't be run and install the proper software to allow your user to view your project.
- An example would be opening a PDF file, with the Acrobat installer as the Failsafe Program.
* 10 Powerful Viewers to Choose From.
- AutoRun comes with 10 Viewers to help create almost any project you can dream up:
- File, Splash Screen, Folder, Web Page, Slide Show, Music JukeBox, Video Player, Flash Animations, Zip Extractor and Menu Creator.
- The in-program Help system will walk you through your project and explain everything you need with just one click.
Homepage - http://www.typhoonsoftware.com/index.htm
Size: 10.2 MB
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Animusic 2

This is one of the most AMAZING things i've ever seen i highly recommend that you give it a shot and download this truly entertaining

Animusic 2

701 MB
2072 Kbps
29.970 fps
624x350 (16:9)
XVID = XVID Mpeg-4
Audio: 448 Kbps 48000 Hz, 6 channels, 0x2000 = AC3 DVM

Animusic is a surprising journey through an innovative series of computer animations, but animations quite outside the norm. Creator and director Wayne Lytle combined various pieces of complex software in order to generate animations that move and flow according to a musical rhythm fed into their programming. The end result is quite astounding and unexpectedly realistic. The logistics involved in such a project are also quite staggering.

DVD Track List:
2. POGO STICKS – 3:20
5. PIPE DREAM 2 – 3:45
7. GYRO DRUMS – 4:13
8. HEAVY LIGHT – 6:31


Invincible Iron Man

Marvel Comics' armored crimefighter flies solo in this animated spin-off of the feature-length 'Avengers' cartoons.

A prophecy foretelling the return of the evil Chinese emperor known as the Mandarin and the 'iron knight' who defeats him leads billionaire inventor Tony Stark to build a high-tech suit of armor to battle the nefarious ruler and his henchmen, the Elementals.


Agnitum Outpost Security Suite Pro 2007 (1214.616)

Agnitum Outpost Security Suite - a robust combination of award-winning firewall, fast and effective anti-malware, personalized antispam and proactive Host Protection module to defend against the majority of Internet risks. Includes automated configuration service and other user aids. Outpost Security Suite Pro provides the first line of defense against rogue software by proactively controlling how programs behave and interact on a PC. The Host Protection safeguard, which proactively monitors for and blocks the kinds of sophisticated hacking techniques used to compromise or steal data, means that malicious activity is no longer possible. By analyzing threats and displaying actionable alerts, Host Protection stops zero-day attacks and shields the computer against inappropriate operations, rendering it “defended in advance” against security risks like botnets and inadvertent data disclosure.
Outpost Security Suite Pro Benefits:
Safe surfing
The robust, time-tested firewall at the heart of Outpost Security Suite Pro shields you from the web’s darker side. It watches your computer’s every connection, preventing local and remote unauthorized network access. By controlling applications’ inbound and outbound Internet access, the firewall stops malware from communicating to and from your PC.
Preemptive threat protection
The first line of defense against most malware attacks is the suite’s unique program interaction safeguard, which proactively monitors for and blocks the kinds of sophisticated hacking techniques used to compromise or steal data. Your data will be safe from inappropriate access, and potential zero-day attacks will be foiled by Outpost’s application behavior analysis. These advanced technologies deliver preemptive protection against the majority of threats.
360-degree protection against malware
The suite’s lightweight yet effective malware scanner that combines anti-virus and anti-spyware capabilities detects and quarantines or removes viruses, spyware and other malicious software automatically. The resident on-access monitor is constantly on guard against malware idly lying or activating, yet has little or no impact on system performance.
Always-on defense
Outpost Security Suite Pro uses specialized techniques to ensure that its own protection cannot be disabled by targeted malware that’s designed to do just that.
Personalized antispam
The antispam engine will keep your inbox free of junk email. You can train it to recognize and use your personal definition of spam, so it becomes more efficient and an even greater time saver the longer you use it.
Powerful protection that’s easy to use
For beginners, Outpost Security Suite Pro offers extensive assistance in making the best use of the Program’s powerful features to correctly configure their protection. From live assistance through the interface to the ImproveNet system of automatic configurations to the clearly written documentation, the suite is easy for even a novice to use. Advanced users will welcome the wealth of control options and customizable settings they can use to customize their own configurations, and the streamlined interface will deliver more productive and less intrusive protection for all users, no matter what their level of expertise.
Homepage - http://www.agnitum.com/products/security-suite/
Size: 34.2 MB
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Ultimate Avengers II (2006)

Directed by
Will Meugniot
Dick Sebast

Writing credits
Bryan Hitch (comic book & characters)
Greg Johnson (screen story and screenplay)

Release Date:8 August 2006 (USA)
Genre:Animation / Action / Adventure / Fantasy / Sci-Fi

Tagline: To save humanity, the Earth's mightiest heroes must reunite for a rematch of heroic proportions.

Justin Gross ... Captain America/Steve Rogers (voice)
Grey DeLisle ... Wasp/Janet Pym (voice)
Michael Massee ... Doctor Bruce Banner (voice)
Marc Worden ... Iron Man/Tony Stark (voice)
Olivia d'Abo ... Black Widow/Natalia Romanoff (voice)
Nan McNamara ... Doctor Betty Ross (voice)
Nolan North ... Giant Man/Hank Pym (voice)
Andre Ware ... General Nick Fury (voice)
David Boat ... Thor (voice) (as Dave Boat)
Fred Tatasciore ... Jarvis (voice)
Jim Ward ... Herr Kleiser/Additional Voices (voice) (as James K. Ward)
Dave Fennoy ... T'Chaka/Black Panther I (voice)
Jeffrey D. Sams ... T'Challa/Black Panther (voice)
Susan Dalian ... Nakinda (voice)
Dwight Schultz ... Odin (voice)

MPAA:Rated PG-13 for intense acton violence.
Runtime:73 min
Language:Spanish / English
Sound Mix:Dolby Digital
Certification:USA:pG-13 / Singapore:pG


Blender 2.44 RC2 for Windows

Blender, the open source software for 3D modeling, animation, rendering, post-production, interactive creation and playback. Available for Windows, Linux, Irix, Sun Solaris, FreeBSD or Mac OS X. Blender has proven to be an extremely fast and versatile design instrument. The software has a personal touch, offering a unique approach to the world of Three Dimensions. Use Blender to create TV commercials, to make technical visualizations, business graphics, to do some morphing, or design user interfaces. You can easy build and manage complex environments. The renderer is versatile and extremely fast. All basic animation principles (curves & keys) are well implemented.

*** Modeling
A range of 3D object types including polygon meshes, NURBS surfaces, bezier and B-spline curves, metaballs, vector fonts (TrueType, PostScript, OpenType)
'Smooth proxy' style catmull-clark subdivision surfaces
Boolean mesh functions
Editing functions such as extrude, bevel, cut, spin, screw, warp, subdivide, noise, smooth Soft selection editing tools for organic modeling
Python scripting access for custom tools
*** Animation
Armature (skeleton) deformation with forward/inverse kinematics, auto skinning and interactive 3D paint for vertex weighting
Non-linear animation mixer with automated walkcycles along paths
Constraint system
Vertex key framing for morphing, with controlling sliders
Character animation pose editor
Animatable lattice deformation
'Ipo' system integrates both motion curve and traditional key-frame editing
Audio playback, mixing and editing support for sound synchronisation
Python scripting access for custom and procedural animation effects
*** Realtime 3D/game creation
Graphical editor for defining interactive behavior without programming
Collision detection and dynamics simulation
Python scripting API for sophisticated control and AI, fully defined advanced game logic
Supports all OpenGL? lighting modes, including transparencies, Animated and reflection-mapped textures
Playback of games and interactive 3D content without compiling or preprocessing
Audio, using the fmod toolkit
Multi-layering of Scenes for overlay interfaces
*** Rendering
Very fast inbuilt raytracer
Integral support for the famous Yafray render engine
Oversampling, motion blur, post-production effects, fields, non-square pixels
Environment maps, halos, lens flares, fog
Various surface shaders such as Lambert, Phong, Oren-nayar, Blinn, Toon
Edge rendering for toon shading
Procedural Textures
Ambient Occlusion
Radiosity solver
Export scripts available for external renderers such as Renderman (RIB), Povray, Virtualight
UV texture editor with various mesh unwrap modes
*** Interface
Flexible user configurable window layout
Powerful object-oriented data system
Anti-aliased fonts with international translation support
Windows for animation curves/keys, schematic scene diagram, non-linear video sequence editing, character animation action editor, non-linear animation mixer, image/UV editing, file/image selection and file management
Inbuilt text editor for annotations and editing Python scripts
Consistent interface across multiple platforms
*** Files
Save all scene data in a single .blend file
.blend format supports compression, digital signatures, encryption, forwards/backwards compatibility and can be used as a library to link to from other .blend files
Read / Write TGA, JPG, PNG, Iris, SGI Movie, IFF, AVI and Quicktime GIF, TIFF, PSD, MOV (Windows and Mac OS X)
Native import and export for DXF, Inventor and VRML files, with python scripts available for many other 3D formats
Create stand-alone executables containing interactive 3D content or play back with the 3d web browser plugin Release Notes
Homepage - http://www.blender3d.org
Size: 11.5 MB
Download Beta
Download Blender 2.43 - Final
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Imax Nascar

Tagline: Up To 8 Stories High... 12,000 Watts Of Sound... 750 Horsepower
Plot Outline: A big-screen look into one of America's most successful entertainment industries, NASCAR racing. (

User Comments: a visual knockout

Cast overview, first billed only:

Kiefer Sutherland .... Narrator (voice)
Tony Stewart .... Himself
Matt Kenseth .... Himself
Jimmie Johnson .... Himself/Moonshiner
Dale Earnhardt Jr. .... Himself
Jeff Gordon .... Himself
Ryan Newman .... Himself/Moonshiner
Bobby Labonte .... Himself
Bill France Jr. .... Bill France Sr. (voice)
Mike Helton .... Sheriff
Gary Nelson .... Sheriff
Neil Goldberg .... TV Control Room
Artie Kempner .... TV Control Room
Darrell Waltrip .... On-Screen Announcer
Larry McReynolds .... On-Screen Announcer


VA-One Way Ticket

One Way Ticket
209 Mb
224 kbps


001-Eruption - One Way Ticket 1979
002-Christie - Yellow River 1970
003-Sweet - Peppermint Twist 1974
004-The Rolling Stones - Angie 1973
005-Boney M. - Sunny 1976
006-Vaya Con Dios - Nah Neh Nah 1990
007-Adriano Celentano - Il Temp o Se Ne Va 1980
008-The Gipsy Kings - Escucha Me1993
009-Chubby Checker - Let's Twist Again 1961
010-Andy Williams - Feelings 1975
011-Gianni Morandi - Canzoni Stonate 1984
012-Kylie Minogue - The Loco-Motion 1988
013-Drupi - Piero Va 1983
014-Bananarama - Venus 1986
015-Barrabas - Dolores 1982
016-Belle Epoque - Miss Broadway 1979
017-Bob Marley - Could You Be Loved 1980
018-Chilly - Come To L.A. 1980
019-Collage - Donna Musica 1980
020-Shakin' Stevens & Bonnie Tyler - A Rockin' Good Way 1983


021-Mungo Jerry - In The Summertime 1970
022-Cher - The Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss) 1990
023-Freddie Mercury - The Great Pretender 1993
024-David Lee Roth - Just A Gigolo-I Ain't Got Nobody 1985
025-Frank Sinatra & Jimmy Buffett - Mack The Knife 1994
026-Liza Minnelli - Cabaret (live) 1972
027-Louis Armstrong - Hello, Dolly 1967
028-Opus - Live Is Life 1984
029-Seweryn Krajewski - Nie Spoczniemy (live) 1977
030-Yves Montand - Les Feuilles Mortes 1953
031-Bobby McFerrin - Don't Worry Be Happy 1988
032-Steve Miller Band - Abracadabra 1982
033-Status Quo - In The Army Now 1986
034-Smokie - Needles And Pins 1977
035-Nazareth - Love Hurts 1974
036-Eric Clapton - I Shot The Sheriff 1975
037-Deep Purple - Soldier Of Fortune 1974
038-Creedence Clearwater Revival - Have You Ever Seen The... 1971
039-Joe *****er - You Can Leave Your Hat On 1986
040-Roy Orbison - Oh Pretty Woman 1963


041-Urge Overkill - Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon 1994
042-Fool's Garden - Lemon Tree 1994
043-Sparks - Popularity 1983
044-Gianna Nannini - Ragazzo Dell'Europa 1982
045-F.R.David - Words 1982
046-Stevie Wonder - I Just Called To Say I Love You 1984
047-Billy Ocean - Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car 1988
048-Boys II Men - I'll Make Love To You 1994
049-UB 40 - Kingston Town 1989
050-Tina Charles - Dance Little Lady Dance 1976
051-The Police - Every Breath You Take 1983
052-Fleetwood Mac - Everywhere 1987
053-Les Humphries Singers - Mexico 1972
054-Santa Esmeralda - You're My Everything 1977
055-Yvonne Elliman - I Don't Know How To Love Him 1970
056-Lawrence Welk - Tie A Yellow Ribbon 'Round The Ole Oa... 1973
057-Marlene Dietrich - Sag' Mir Wo Die Blumen Sind (germ...) 1962
058-Trubadurzy - Przy Dolnym Mlynie 1972
059-Paul McCartney & Wings - Mrs.Vandebilt 1973
060-Elton John - Daniel 1972


061-Mistral - Starship 109 1978
062-Keith Ferreira - Theme From Emmanuelle 1970
063-Donna Summer - MacArthur Park 1978
064-Elvis Presley - Can't Help Falling In Love 1961
065-Gilla - Johnny 1986
066-Julio Iglesias - Crazy 1994
067-Maryla Rodovicz - Ludzkie Gadanie (Gadu Gadu) 1976
068-Mr. Big - Wild World 1993
069-Passengers - Casino 1982
070-Matia Bazar - Vacanze Romane 1982
071-The Gibson Brothers - Better Do It Salsa 1979
072-Grace Jones - I've Seen That Face Before (Libertango) 1981
073-Mariah Carey - Without You 1993
074-Pet Shop Boys - Always On My Mind 1987
075-A-Ha - Crying In The Rain 1990
076-Ray Charles - Hit The Road Jack 1961
077-Oscar Benton - Bensonhurst Blues 1990
078-Salvatore Adamo - J'avais Oublie Que Les Roses Sont R... 1970
079-John Lennon - Imagine 1971
080-The Hollies - Sorry Suzanne 1969

Part-5. + Тексты всех 100 песен.

081-Joe Dassin - Salut 1975
082-Mireille Mathieu - Der Pariser Tango 1971
083-Pupo - Comme Sei Bella 1979
084-Styx - Boat On The River 1980
085-The Animals - The House Of The Rising Sun 1964
086-Precious Willson - Hold On I'm Comin' 1978
087-Led Zeppelin - D'yer Mak'er 1973
088-Terry Jacks - Seasons In The Sun 1974
089-The Swinging Blue Jeans - Hippy Hippy Shake 1964
090-The Beatles - Yesterday 1965
091-Czerwone Gitary - Plona Gory, Plona Lasy 1971
092-Omega - The Girl With The Pearl's Hair (Gyongyhaju Mny) 1969
093-Sting - English Man In New York 1988
094-Toto Cutugno - L'Italiano 1983
095-Luciano Pavarotti - Caruso 1986
096-Edith Piaf - Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien 1961
097-Gloria Gaynor - Never Can Say Goodbye 1974
098-Rod Stewart - Sailing 1975
099-Santana - I Love You Much Too Much 1981
100-Paul McCartney & Stevie Wonder - Ebony And Ivory 1982


PC Tools File Recover

File Recover is a safe, affordable and easy-to-use file recovery solution, designed to recover and restore deleted files from hard drives, floppy drives and other types of fixed media. File Recover allows you to recover critically important documents, or other files, which have been lost by accidental deletion. These files may be lost by emptying the Recycle Bin, or using other deletion actions that bypass the Recycle Bin altogether. Such actions include Windows Shift-Delete, command line deletion, deleting excessively large files or using applications that delete files without the Recycle Bin.
When a file is deleted from the Recycle Bin, or if the recycle bin is bypassed altogether, the file can no longer be recovered by the Windows Operating system. The content of the file still remains on the drive, relatively intact, until the section of the drive it occupies is overwritten by another file.
File Recover identifies the contents of such lost files on the hard drive and allows you to recover them. If a file has been partially overwritten, File Recover attempts to reconstruct as much of the file as possible with the remaining contents. This allows you to salvage at least part, if not all, of that recovered file to continue using it as required.
File Recover feature highlights :
- Recovers files instantly from hard drives, floppy drives and other types of fixed media. If you are a home user or a network administrator, File Recover fills a critical gap in your data protection strategy.
- Rapid scan engine - a typical hard drive can be scanned for recoverable files within minutes.
- Scan all files and directories on selected hard drives.
- Search for a recoverable file using part or all of its file name.
- Utilizing a non-destructive, read-only file recovery approach. File Recover will not write or make changes to the section of the drive from which it is recovering data.
- Batch file recovery (recovers multiple files in one action).
- Works around bad-sector disk areas. Recovers data where other programs fail.
- Supports standard IDE/ATA/SCSI hard drives, including drives larger than 8 GB.
- Supports hard drives formatted with Windows FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS file systems.
Homepage - http://www.pctools.com/file-recover/
Size: 4.64 MB
Download Full

Win RAR 3.70

WinRAR is a powerful archive manager. It can backup your data and reduce size of email attachments, decompress RAR, ZIP and other files downloaded from Internet and create new archives in RAR and ZIP file format.


NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System) 2.27

NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System) is a small, efficient, capable, professional open source system to create Windows installers. It is designed to be as small and flexible as possible and is therefore very suitable for internet distribution.
Being a user's first experience with your product, a stable and reliable installer is an important component of succesful software. With NSIS you can create such installers that are capable of doing everything that is needed to setup your software.

NSIS is script-based and allows you to create the logic to handle even the most complex installation tasks. Many plug-ins and scripts are already available: you can create web installers, communicate with Windows and other software components, install or update shared components and more.
Features :
• Generates self-contained executable installers
• Support for ZLib, BZip2 and LZMA data compression (files can be compressed individually or together)
• Uninstall support (installer can generate an uninstaller)
• Customizable user interface (dialogs, fonts, backgrounds, icons, text, checkmarks, images etc.)
• Classic and Modern wizard interface
• Fully multilingual, support for multiple languages (including RTL langauges) in one installer. More than 40 translations are already available, but you can also create your own.
• Page system: You can add standard wizard pages or custom pages
• User selection of installation components, tree for component selection
• Multiple install configurations (usually Minimal, Typical, Full), and custom configuration
• Installer self-verification using a CRC32 checksum
• Small overhead over compressed data size (34 KB with default options)
• Ability to display a license agreement in text or RTF format
• Ability to detect destination directory from the registry
• Easy to use plug-in system (lots of plug-ins for creation of custom dialogs, internet connections, HTTP downloading, file patching, Win32 API calls, etc. are included)
• Installers can be as large as 2GB
• Optional silent mode for automated installations
• A preprocessor with support for defined symbols, macros, conditional compilation, standard predefines
• A lovely coding experience with elements of PHP and assembly (includes user variables, a stack, real flow control, etc.)
• Installers have their own VMs that let you write code that can support:
o File extraction (with configurable overwrite parameters)
o File/directory copying, renaming, deletion, searching
o Plug-in DLL calling
o DLL/ActiveX control registration/unregistration
o Executable execution (shell execute and wait options)
o Shortcut creation
o Registry key reading/setting/enumerating/deleting
o INI file reading/writing
o Generic text file reading/writing
o Powerful string and integer manipulation
o Window finding based on class name or title
o User interface manipulation (font/text setting)
o Window message sending
o User interaction with message boxes or custom pages
o Branching, comparisons, etc.
o Error checking
o Reboot support, including delete or rename on reboot
o Installer behavior commands (such as show/hide/wait/etc.)
o User functions in script
o Callback functions for user actions
Changes in version 2.27:
Notes: This release is a quick-fix release that addresses a bug introduced in the last version, 2.26, that caused $PROGRAMFILES and $COMMONFILES to translate into random strings in the uninstaller. It also includes a couple of minor fixes and improvements.
Major Changes
* Fixed a bug introduced in 2.26 that made $PROGRAMFILES and $COMMONFILES unavailable in the uninstaller
Minor Changes
* Disable the X button on InstallOptions pages when CancelEnabled is 0
* Fixed incomplete MessageBox usage line (bug #1709460)
Build System
* Added TOOLSET option to allow selection of specific build tools (e.g. scons TOOLSET=mingw)
Homepage - http://nsis.sourceforge.net
Size: 1.41 MB
Use Right-click on download link and "Save Target As..."
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Moto Wallpapers

47 Moto Wallpapers


GX::Transcoder (formerly GermaniXEncoder) is a universal audio and video file transcoder. You can transcode audio files into many formats: AAC, MP4, M4A, Bonk, FLAC, LA, LPAC, MIDI, MP2, MP3, MPC, MPP, MP+, OptiomFrog, Ogg Vorbis, rkAudio, VQF, WavPack, TTA, WMA, Shorten, PCM, GSM, ADPCM, VOX, G721, G723, G726, uLaw, aLaw, DSP, Raw PCM, Monkeys Audio, AVI (Audio), MOD, Bonk and more. The video converter for video filetypes mpeg1, mpeg2, avi with all installed codecs and wmv (supports VCD, SVCD and DVD Extensions) comes with one of the next betas. The Transcoder also has a Cue-Cutter, a DB based Player, a NetRadio Stream Player with recording function and a Tagger for id3v1, id3v2, ape 2.0, OGG Comment, Flac Comment and WMA ID's.
Additionally the Transcoder uses plugins to add more functions for transforming and playing audio files. The GX::Transcoder can transfer the tags ID3v1, ID3v2, APE v1 and v2, Vorbis Comments, FLAC and WMA Tags.
Supported Formats :
Audio - MP1, MP2, MP3, MP4, M4A, OGG, WAV, Speex, uLaw, aLaw, G711, G726, G729, Bonk, VQF, FLAC, OFR, WV, AAC, WMA
Video - all installed Codecs
Supported Tags - ID3v1, ID3v2, Flac Comment, WMA Tags, MP4 Tags, APE Tags, OGG Vorbis Tags
Supported Streams - IceCast, Streamcast
CueCutter - can cut mp3 files with cue-sheets
dbPlayer - Plays all supported output format. The used db format is a xBase compatible DB.
Changes in GX::Transcoder v3.20.50.3683 :
#0063 - add raw pcm format
#0064 - add raw alaw format
#0065 - add raw ulaw format
#0066 - add raw gsm format
#0067 - add raw ima adpcm format
#0068 - add raw ms adpcm
#0069 - add g721 format
#0070 - add g723 format
#0071 - add g726 format
#0072 - add vox format
#0073 - fixed some minor bug
Homepage - http://www.germanixsoft.de/
Size: 11.3 MB
Download Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0

Theatre of War (2007)

Theatre of War (2007)

Advanced Uninstaller PRO 8.1

This easy-to-use Windows application uninstaller makes your computer run more efficiently by removing software and files that were left behind after you uninstalled software that you no longer use. In addition, the program performs a number of cleanup activities, making your computer more secure.
Very few software programs uninstall completely from your computer. Among the things left behind are unnecessary folders, obsolete files, and graphics that will never be used. In addition, there are often items placed in the Windows Registry that are not welcome, as well as spyware and other programs that threaten the security of your computer. Advanced Uninstaller PRO can uninstall all of these files, folders, and programs. Uninstalling a program is as easy as selecting its name from a list, or dragging and dropping a file or a shortcut on the Advanced Uninstaller PRO desktop icon.

Advanced Uninstaller PRO's built-in Startup Manager gives you control over the programs that are automatically started by Windows, and offers you detailed information about each of them, including advice about what the program does and whether you should disable it. Advanced Uninstaller PRO includes a huge knowledge base containing startup program descriptions, giving you the ability to distinguish between essential Windows components that you want to keep, and dangerous spyware programs that you want to remove.
To protect your privacy, the Quick Cleaner performs a one-step removal of the data on your computer that tells other people what you've been doing. It can safely delete the list of Internet pages that you have visited, the web addresses that you have typed, the Internet ******s that were written to your hard drive when you visited web sites, and the recently opened files lists for more than 100 applications, including Microsoft Office, Windows Media Player, ICQ, MSN, WinZip, RealPlayer, Kazaa, etc.
Advanced Uninstaller PRO makes it easy to remove all damaged Start Menu shortcuts, to hide or show them at any time, and to alphabetically sort the entire Start Menu. The program can find and delete temporary files left behind by Windows, Internet Explorer, and other applications. You can also tweak Internet Explorer configuration settings, manage and uninstall fonts, uninstall unwanted Control Panel applets, and perform other system tasks efficiently.
This new release contains a powerful registry cleaner, defragmenter and optimizer which will help you keep your registry fast, clean and
easily accessible by all programs. A registry backup utility is also included.
Advanced Uninstaller PRO runs under Windows 95 / 98 / Me / NT4 / 2000 / XP and Windows Vista.
Homepage - http://www.innovative-sol.com/uninstaller/
Size: 15.6 MB
Downnload Full

Undead Screensaver


Adobe CS3 Products

Adobe Photoshop CS3 | Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 | Adobe Fireworks CS3 | Adobe Flash Professional CS3

Download Here: http://www.megaupload.com/?f=2UDTH899

Torrent 1.7 Build 1672 Beta

µTorrent is an efficient and feature rich BitTorrent client for Windows sporting a very small footprint. µTorrent was designed to use as little cpu, space and memory as possible while offering all the functionalites expected from advanced clients. With BitTorrent, you can download files faster and contribute by sharing files and bandwidth. Features of "µTorrent":
· Multiple simultaneous downloads
· Smart bandwidth usage
· File level priorities
· Configurable bandwidth scheduling
· Global and per-torrent speed limiting
· Quickly resumes interrupted transfers
· UPnP support (WinXP only)
· Supports popular protocol extensions
· Trackerless support (Mainline DHT)
· Localized to different languages
· Typical memory use less than 6 MB
· Incredibly small: 200 KB
Changes in µTorrent Version 1.7 (build 1672), 2007-05-05:
- Change: better DHT ping for BT node discovery
- Fix: potential crash bug on torrent removal
- Fix: rare memory leak in DHT
Homepage - http://utorrent.com
Size: 201 KB
Download µTorrent Beta
Download µTorrent 1.6.1 Build 490 Stable

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