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برنامج تشغيل الجافا Sun Java JRE 6 هل تتصفح مواقع على الإنترنت وتجد لافته تقول لك حمل الجافا لتشتغل هذه الصفحة بصورة طبيعية فهذا البرنامج يقوم بتشغيل الخدمات التي تعمل بواسطة الجافا على الإنترنت مثل المحادثة و الدرشة او الشات و الالعاب التي تشتغل على الجافا كذلك .
Key features:
- Write software on one platform and run it on practically any other platform
- Create programs to run within a web browser and web services
- Develop server-side applications for online forums, stores, polls, HTML forms processing, and more
- Combine Java technology-based applications or services to create highly customized applications or services
- Write powerful and efficient applications for mobile phones, remote processors, low-cost consumer products, and practically any device with a digital heartbeat
Java is one of the most popular application platforms on the planet. Which version of Java is right for you?
- Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) is the best platform for development of desktop, server and high-end embedded devices, and it is the most versatile runtime for Java as well as many other languages.
- Java Platform, Micro Edition (Java ME) is the best software for resource-constrained embedded devices and has seen widespread deployment across mobile handsets and digital television devices.
- Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) is the standard for delivering secure, robust, scalable, multi-platform applications and services across the enterprise, from server and desktop applications to wireless and wireline applications

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