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SonicCouture - Devil fish (Multiformat)

SonicCouture Devil fish (Multiformat) -- 1.4GB

Most people who are interested in Electronica of any kind know what a Roland TB303 is. Its the funny little silver box that Roland released in the 80s to provide bass accompaniment to buskers and cabaret performers. Famously it wasnt very good at that, and the unit languished in obscurity, until the Acid house scene of the late 80s started to use 303s to create burbling, bending basslines and leadlines.
It is said that the unique properties of the 303 sound are attributable to a few different factors its unusual 18db Lowpass ?lter ( which was apparently meant to be 24db, but the componentry used was too cheap to achieve that slope), its implementation of portamento and sliding notes, its accent system and lastly, its quirky sequencer.
Recreating the sound of a 303 with samples is not easy, never mind a Devil?sh. We sampled the basic sawtooth and Square wave, completely straight, then with a small amount of overdrive, then with a touch of FM and overdrive. Then we sampled many different variations of the accent, as this is where the Devil?sh has its biggest effect. In the Soniccouture Devilfish you can choose from 9 different accents for both square and sawtooth waves. There are zaps, crunches, short accents long accents, and some really aggressive stuff. The Kontakt instrument allows you to program accents above a certain velocity point, as with the original unit.
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