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Internet Security / Antivirus / USB Antivirus
2011 v11.0.0.4608

برنامج حماية من الفيروسات وملفات التجسس وصد الهكر
من اختراق كمبيوترك وبريدك واي مكان لك
برنامج Trustport مع هذا البرنامج بإذن الله ستشعر بالأمان والحماية فهو يقوم بصد اي هجمات للفيروسات
او لملفات التجسس وسرقة المعلومات او لبرامج الهكر
وملحقاتها كما يقوم برنامج Trustport بحماية البريد الالكتروني
من المخترقيو ومن الرسائل الملغومة والخطيرة التي قد تسرق كل معلوماتك وتجعل من بريدك عرضة للاختراق بكل سهولة
برنامج Trustport لمن لا يجيد الحماية عليك باستخدام هذا البرنامج يحمي بياناتك وخصوصياتك من السرقة ومن ان يطلع عليها احد غيرك
كما يمكنك ان تمنع الاطفال من تصفح مواقع الانترنت الغير مناسبة لهم
حيث يمكنك تحديد فئات عمريه لكل فئه مواقعها او نوع المواقع التي تتصفحها مع صلاحيات محدودة لكل فئة .
كما ان برنامج Trustport سيمنع دخول المواقع الاحتيالية مواقع النصب والغش والربح الوهمي وسرقة معلوماتك .
برنامج Trustport فيه كل ممميزات الحماية التي تطلبها وبشكل لا يحتاج اضافة الكثير من البرامج

كود PHP:
TustPort Internet Security 2011 - provides complex protection of a computer against nocuous programs and the Internet-threats. Includes an antivirus with two kernels (AVG and BitDefender), intellectual файервол, monitoring a web-sites and protection of e-mail. The program checks e-mail on viruses and reliably protects from a spam.Also prevents loading nocuous files about a web-sites and Protects children from inadequate the Internet-content. Complex antivirus TrustPort supervises all communications with the Internet and allows to block unknown connections.

Basic possibilities TrustPort Internet Security 2011:
Effective antivirus and the antispy
Protection of e-mail
Monitoring a web-sites
Intellectual фаервол
The Parental control
Automatic monitoring of carriers of data
Automatic updatings

Basic functions TrustPort Internet Security 2011:
Protection of local files
Resident protection continuously supervises opened files and does not allow nocuous programs to be started. On the set intervals the antivirus carries out preventive check of all disk.
As a result of use of two топовых anti-virus cursor AVG and BitDefender, possibilities TrustPort on tracking down nocuous ON are one of the best in the world.

Antivirus and Firewall
The program uses traditional scanning and the heuristic analysis for tracking down and blockings of all nocuous programs which can get on a computer from the Internet or from demountable carriers of data (USB-флешек, CD/DVD of disks).
As a result of use of two топовых anti-virus cursor AVG and BitDefender, possibilities TrustPort on tracking down nocuous ON are one of the best in the world.
The web-page - the most widespread sources of virus infections, therefore the program scans all files which are loaded from the Internet.
There is a possibility automatically to define dataflows, such as аудио-and video-streams which do not need to be scanned. Typical фишинговые sites are identified and blocked.

Protection of e-mail
E-mail is checked on availability of nocuous programs and a spam. Full integration into popular post clients Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook Express and Windows Mail Is offered. Besides it is possible to scan all entering messages from any chosen client.

Personal Firewall
All contacts between a computer and an environment are supervised. The majority of legitimate appendices is distinguished and supposed communication with the Internet. Unknown and suspicious appendices are blocked, or, in some cases, it is offered to you to resolve or block them.
TrustPort Total Protection 2011 uses a wide range of adjustments файервола.

Enciphering and destruction of data
Affordably two methods of enciphering of data. For safe alternate copying the important data expediently to keep them in the ciphered archive, for daily use they can be on the ciphered disk.
There is a possibility reliably to destroy not used confidential data by means of tool TrustPort DataShredder.

The Parental control
The program distinguishes 13 categories undesirable a web-sites, such as, for example, pornographic and game sites which can be blocked.
Individual users can do own structures concerning blocking separate categories.

Portable antivirus
The portable version of an antivirus for USB-флешки allows to protect data at their transfer on portable arrangements, as well as to carry out антивирусню check on any computer with support USB.

TrustPort Antivirus 2011
TrustPort Antivirus 2011 - ideal protection of a computer against all types of viruses and espionage programs. The antivirus on a regular basis is automatically updated and is always ready to stop new viruses, the Internet-worms, трояны and other nocuous programs. The heuristic analysis allows to detect even still unknown viruses.The antivirus uses powerful technology of scanning by means of two anti-virus cursors: AVG and BitDefender.
Basic possibilities TrustPort Antivirus 2011
Effective antivirus and the antispy
Constant protection of your data
Preventive monitoring of a computer
Tracking down of new threats
Resistance to attacks
Automatic monitoring of carriers of data
Simple management

Basic functions TrustPort Antivirus 2011
Protection at access
Everyone started programs and each opened file is exposed to anti-virus check. Resident protection reliably blocks attempts of start of nocuous programs. Depending on adjustments the defective file is renamed, moves to quarantine or leaves.

The Scanner by inquiry
It is possible to spend regular and single checks of the hard disk, the chosen contents or a file. Scanning is maybe planned on a weekly, daily or hourly cycle, as well as to be carried out manually according to the chosen parameters.

High level of tracking down of viruses and spies
Owing to use of two топовых anti-virus cursor AVG and BitDefender, antivirus TrustPort reaches one of the highest levels of tracking down in the world. It is capable to detect and remove practically all existing viruses, трояны and the Internet-worms.

The Heuristic analysis
In addition to traditional methods of the scanning, the data based by comparison with the base containing examples of viruses, the antivirus also can detect yet not certain nocuous codes.The analysis of structure and behaviour of a code of a file allows to define with a high degree of probability, whether it contains a virus or espionage ON.

Automatic updatings
Antivirus TrustPort is on a regular basis updated automatically.
Depending on adjustments anti-virus bases are loaded through regular time intervals, as well as new versions of the program are offered for loading and installation. Thus, the computer always is completely protected.

System anti-virus files protect themselves from any attempts of their not authorized variation. Thus, at nocuous On there will be no chances to put out of action an antivirus or to evade from tracking down.

TrustPort USB Antivirus 2011
TrustPort USB Antivirus - it is developed specially for protection USB-флешек. At installation on флешку it constantly tracks files which on it are duplicated, preventing copying of nocuous programs. Thus, флешка it is always protected from viruses.
Protection at access also is added by check on demand.The user can check files, folders or disks on a computer to which it is connected флешка with an antivirus. If the infected file will be will find, USB Antivirus will execute actions according to adjustments: will rename, to move to quarantine or to remove the infected file.
For maintenance of a high level of a security the antivirus with cursor AVG which is automatically updated through the Internet is used.

Antivirus TrustPort for USB allows to cipher files for prevention of their not authorized use, as well as reliably destroys not used important data.

Basic possibilities TrustPort USB Antivirus 2011
Portable antivirus and the antispy
Constant protection of USB-carriers of data
Check of any computer
Protection given by enciphering
Reliable destruction of not used data
Automatic updating


TrustPort Internet Security 2011

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