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LonerXP 2010.4 (April 2010)
Size: 701.55 Mb​

LonerXP 2010.4 - Build automatically install WindowsXP SP3. Full set: the system, drivers, software - all on one disc. The most recent system upgrade. A set of drivers for various devices. Nice and original layout and design. Fast, stable work sistemy.Data Build: April 2010. Details on ...​

Highlights of Loner-XP:
- A complete set: the system, drivers, software - all on one disc
- The latest updates
- A set of updated drivers for various devices
- A huge collection of programs for all occasions
- Fully automatic installation process
- Choice of programs and drivers during the installation process
- The ability to install drivers from CD
- Immediately after installing the system is fully ready to work
- System and program the most convenient set
- Fast and stable operation of the system
- Beautiful and original design
- Continuous development and improvement of assembly​

In the assembly of Loner-XP includes the following components:
Windows XP Professional SP3 (v.5512) Corporate Edition Volume License x86 Russian
System is tested on the validity at the time of release​

UpdatePack-XPSP3-Rus - all critical updates as of April 2010
Internet Explorer 8.0.6001.18702 contains all updates as of April 2010
Windows Media Player 11.0.5721.5268 contains all updates as of April 2010
Movie Maker - update program from Microsoft for video processing
Integrated set of drivers for SCSI, SATA, RAID controllers
Windows Genuine Advantage Validation - patched means of notification on the results of Windows Genuine Advantage
DirectX 9.28.1886 February 2010 - a set of system files needed for virtually any modern multimedia application or a new game
Microsoft. NET Framework 1.1 + KB867460 + KB953297 - software technology designed for conventional programs and web applications
Additional system libraries and drivers needed to run many programs
Microsoft Visual C + + 2005 x86 Redistributable - 8.0.50727.4053
Microsoft Visual C + + 2008 x86 Redistributable - 9.0.30729.4148
Adobe Flash Player - components for viewing flash-animation applications, IE and other popular browsers
Microsoft Silverlight 3.0.50106.0 - a comprehensive solution to create and broadcast web-based applications and media content
Shockwave Player - technology vector 3D-graphics, Flash-games and other interactive elements
UxTheme - patched file for the application of unsigned order
Increase the limit of simultaneous incomplete (half-open) connections for one process to 16,777,214
Ability to include in an undocumented feature to deploy software RAID 5
Recovery Console admin - pass query Admin password when you log on to Recovery Console
Malicious Removal Tool KB890830 will not be offered for installation
Full disabling DEP and PAE
Environment variables passed in C: Temp
Viewing files in Windows Explorer, Adobe
Vipravleno відображення української кириличної літери II in DOS dodatkah. Трішки підправлений file кодової сторінки 866
Розширені Ukrainian rozkladki Strange Ukrainian, Укра їнська mathematically that Укра їнська транслітерована
Vipravleno cannot rozkladki клавіатури: Doda an apostrophe ['] on натисненні клавіші [']
Addon ResPatch Lego 6.2.4 from gora; design Aero Green-Green 5.3 from Jekson07
Memo Run menu (Run) - description and explanation of the appointment of commands in the Start menu - Run
Added some tviki registry to speed up the system and for the convenience of
The default is default theme BlackBlue, sound scheme Windows7, cursors and Holiday wolf screensaver
More beautiful and original TrueType fonts (50 fonts)
Kracivye theme (20 new themes)
Wolf wallpapers (10 wallpapers)
Wolf avatar users (30 avatars)
Kracivye screensavers (10 keepers)
Nice mouse​

Preset the default user (during installation, you can change at their discretion):
User default - Grey Wolf (as root) user name - Loner
Password - 123 (no time limitation; logon is not required to enter)
Renamed Administrator - Loner-XP
Computer name - Loner-XP
Working Group - DreamLair
Description of the computer - DreamLair.net
Login - Loner-XP
Organization - DreamLair​

Boot module:
Acronis Disk Director Suite 10.0.2169 - partition manager, carrying out any operations with hard disk partitions
Acronis True Image Enterprise Server 9.7.8206 - create and restore hard drive image or partition
Active Password Changer 3.0.420 - change password login under NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista
ASTRA 5.45 - Information about the system and available iron
ATAPWD 1.2 - utility to set the password on the HDD
CPU Identification utility 1.18 - detailed information about the CPU
FixNTLDR - restoration of damaged NTLDR file on the system drive
HDD Regenerator 1.71 - restoration of broken hard disk sectors
Kill CMOS - a small utility to reset the CMOS
Memtest86 + 4.00 - RAM Test
MHDD 4.6 - tool for testing hard drive
NTPWD - utility to reset passwords for users and administrators in Windows
Picture Viewer 2.78 - Image Viewer for DOS
Smart FDISK 2.05 - a simple partition manager
Super Fdisk 1.0 - create, delete, format partitions without deleting data
System Speed Test 4.78 - test CPU, hard drives and other equipment
Test Hard Disk Drive 1.0 - tool for testing hard drive
Victoria 3.52 - a powerful tool for testing low-level state hard drive
Volkov Commander 4.99 - File Manager for DOS (adds support for long filenames and NTFS-partitions)
Winternals NTFSCHK 5.0 - check NTFS-partition​

PROGRAMME (with a choice during installation):
Additional Applets in Windows Control Panel
BlueScreenView 1.15 - displays information about all the BSOD occurred in the summary table
BootSafe 2.0.1000 - Selecting the next time the computer (normal, safe)
ClearType PowerToy - tool for visual display settings ClearType fonts
DirectX - More information about the settings, Direct X
DriverView 1.16 - Displays a list of all device drivers currently loaded on the system
Half-Open Limit Fix 4.1 - change the number of TCP connections
HD Tune 2.55 - Monitoring of the hard drive, allowing time to identify problems
HWmonitor 1.15 - monitoring system, temperature and voltage
MemTest 4.0 - check memory
MSconfig - launch standartntoy configuration utilities
Neutron 1.07 - sync system time via Internet
ProduKey 1.40 - Image key components installed Windows
pserv 2.7 - Services and Devices 2.7 - an alternative interface for viewing and managing services and devices of
RansomHide 0.4.05 - a tiny utility to remove porn or any other advertising windows with a request to send sms
S & M 1.9.1 + - one of the best programs to test equipment
TFT Monitor Test 1.52 - testing LCD monitors
TransBar 1.4.2 - task taskbar transparency
TweakUI - TweakUI utility from the package MS Power Toys
USB-Drive Protector 1.03 - vaccination USB-media (flash drives, external HDD) against viruses and Trojans using Autorun Mechanism (Autorun.inf), as well as to protect your computer from infection through removable media
Victoria 4.46 - a powerful program to test and test drives
Video Memory stress Test 1.7 - thorough check of all available video memory for fault
Windows Worms Doors Cleaner 1.4.1 - utlilita to close the ports and disable services, often used in virus attacks
WinUpdatesList 1.23 - View a list of all installed updates from Microsoft
xp-AntiSpy 3.97-9 - Utility to disable all unnecessary components WindowsXP
AntiAutorun - Remove Autorun.inf files from infected carriers
Razbloker 1.5.4 - program for easy and quick to get rid of the effects after virus
User ***s Win2k - the challenge of team management ***s, control userpasswords2​

Windows Explorer Extension
FileNote - the ability to add descriptions to the file
FolderSize - column display file extensions and folder sizes in Windows Explorer
HashTab 3.0.0 - in the file properties tab is added Checksum
ID3v1TagEditor - expansion module for the Explorer, which allows you to edit ID3 headers in the MP3 files
Layout - the ability to save the location of icons on the desktop
Path2Clipboard - copying a file path or folder
Target - point to destination file - Find the context menu shortcut​

Microsoft. NET Framework 2.0 SP2 + KB958481 + KB974417 + KB976569
Microsoft. NET Framework 3.0 SP2 + KB958483 + KB976570
Microsoft. NET Framework 3.5 SP1 + KB958484 + KB963707 + KB971276 + KB976126
Java Runtime Environment - Runtime Environment, which allows to run and use applications written in Java
NVIDIA PhysX System Software WHQL 9.10.0222 - a powerful physics engine provides realistic physics in real-time in games (data drivers are required to run many modern games)
Process Explorer 12.01 - compact and powerful program with user friendly interface for monitoring in real-time processes occurring in the system, more advanced and functional replacement for the standard Task Manager
Process Killer 1.4.2 - very small and undemanding to resources manager processes running on the hot keys and knows how to stop services
Total Commander DreamLight 2010.4.1 - the most powerful and stable file manager with intuitive user interface
Unlocker 1.8.9 - program that allows you to rename, delete, move files involved in any application
User Profile Hive Cleanup Service beta - my own utility from Microsoft, which operates as a service that monitors the computer in the process of unloading the user profile and closes all open resources
XPRight - Network settings: activate the guest *** and hide it from the welcome screen, except the guest list to deny access to this computer from the network and adding it to the list to access the computer from the network via the local security policy, adding to the list of firewall exception Sharing File and Printer Sharing
Set Registry tweaks for optimal performance system
Authentic wolf loading screen​

Other useful program:
APBackUp 3.2.5073 - program for the organization of an automatic backup that enables you to copy data on local disk or on a network resource and even on the ftp server
CLCL 1.1.2 - tool for caching the clipboard, which will empower the Windows Clipboard
Defraggler 1.18.185 - a nice compact hard disk defragmenter, which accelerates system performance by moving blocks of data on the hard disk can work with the disk, as well as individual files
Desk Drive 1.8.2 - when you insert removable media on the desktop icon automatically appears, clicking on which you can open an Explorer window with the contents of the disc
Driver Magician 3.48 - Program to quickly and easily create backup copies of drivers for their further recovery if necessary
EVEREST Ultimate Edition 5.50.2100 - a program for diagnosing and testing system and software computer, providing as much information about the system
PowerCmd 2.1.120 - excellent replacement command line with user-friendly interface, you can easily manage multiple command lines, do presets, keep logs, search and highlight keywords
PowerOff 6.3 beta - a software switch the computer knows how to turn off the computer and reboot, translate into hibernation or on standby timer to warn of the approach of time off and forced to close the application
Recuva 1.35.472 - the best free program to recover deleted files from hard drives or other computer and can also recover files deleted due to errors, failures or viruses
Registry Workshop 4.2.4 - Advanced tool for editing the system registry, which is the best way to replace the default editor
SpaceMonger - program is for the user very clear picture of the distribution of information on the surface of the hard drive, carefully analyzing how many and what folder in which the employed
SUMo - allows you to track the emergence of updates for various installed computer software products and provides a link to download the new version
The Calc 3.02 - multifunctional calculator with a mass of options and opportunities combines several calculators for different types of calculations
Uninstall Tool - small program that replaces the standard awkward setup and removal of software, has many options, preferences and opportunities which are not in standard analog of Microsoft
USB Safely Remove - a convenient and reliable replacement for the standard Safely Remove Hardware, makes life easier and saves time for those who have several hotplug (USB, SATA, Firewire) devices, and those who use them actively​

7-Zip 9.12 beta - a very promising free archiver Russian design, the degree and quality of compression is the leader
SetTools - a small add-in adds to the context menu of mail items "CAB-compress" and "CAB-extract"
WinRAR 3.92 - One of the best universal archivers with the optimal ratio between quality and compression of time, supports the package in rar and zip and unpacking multiple formats​

Software System Configuration:
AeroSnap 0.61 - example program, which allows to change the size, position of windows and deploy them by dragging on the display
AmlMaple 2.24.334 - a tiny utility to display the current keyboard layout flag in the mouse pointer directly at the point where you're working right now
Atomic Alarm Clock 5.87 - replacement of standard hours on more informative, and multifunctional: 130 themes for every taste, fully customizable appearance, alarm, timer, calendar
CCleaner 2.30.1130 - removes unused and temporary files from your computer, providing a faster system performance and freeing up space on hard drives
ERUNT 1.1j - The Emergency Recovery Utility NT - the parts of utilities for maintaining and restoring the registry
FileMenu Tools 5.8 - many new opportunities in the context menu of files for efficient management of files and folders, run applications, copy and move information
LouderIt 2.0 beta3 - a small utility designed to replace the standard volume control, located in the system tray
MKey 1.2.2 - setting action by pressing extra keys for multimedia keyboards, also extends the functionality of conventional keyboards
Neo Utilities 1.5 beta - software system for fine-tuning of the operating system improvements and increase the speed of its performance
QT Breadcrumbs QTAddress Bar 0.9.6 - Alternative Explorer address bar for easy navigation between files and folders
RBTray 3.4 - a small program that turns any window to tray or make it always on top, even if the program was originally not foreseen that
SBRunScr 3.09 (17.09.2009) - a program for management desktop backgrounds, including automatic change wallpapers at regular intervals
SuperCopier 2.2 beta - a flexible program to copy files, allows to put a copy on pause, in turn, roll up the window to tray
VistaSwitcher 1.1.2 - a great alternative to the window which appears on Alt + Tab, uses visual styles XP and provides a preview of the selected window
Visual Task Tips 3.4 - a small utility, shows a pop-up thumbnail of the window instead of boring text prompts on the taskbar
WinTools.net Professional - one of the best of its kind program designed to improve the performance of the operating system and maintain it at a high level throughout the maintenance period
XP Tweaker 1.5.3.b80 - easy to use program designed for complete customization, security and system optimization​

AkelPad 4.4.3 - text editor, open source, is designed to be small and fast, supports plugins (replaces standard notebook)
Foxit Reader - a compact and fast working program for viewing and editing of documents formats pdf, not requiring large and therefore slow launching Adobe Reader
Punto Switcher - auto switch the keyboard layout, recognizing the words entered and if necessary switch the keyboard layout from Russian into English or vice versa
SoftMaker Office 2010.12.8.579 - word processor, spreadsheet editor and the creation of presentations, full-featured analog of Microsoft Office
Translate.Net 0.1.3493.4408 - free and open source code, which works as a client to a network translators, monolingual and bilingual dictionaries
WinDjView 1.0.3 - Fast and compact viewer for DjVu file format with the regime of continuous scrolling and advanced features​

AIMP 2.61.560 - a powerful audio player, as well as a multifunctional audio center - converts file formats, record sound, edit tags, catalogs music
DVD Shrink - the program allows you to make copies of DVD-ROM drive, compress dual-layer discs to single layer and change the structure of the disc
FastStone Capture 6.5 - the program creates screenshots with further editing: Scan, sized, cropping, color correction, and is able to capture a video event, proshodyaschie on the screen
FastStone Image Viewer 4.1 Beta 2 - a graphical browser, viewer, converter and editor with a simple interface and feature set
HyperCam 2.20.01 - a program that records all events occurring on the screen, the video file with avi extension
K-Lite Codec Pack 5.8.3 corporate - univesalny set a variety of audio and video codecs for playback, and compression of multimedia files on your computer
Media Player Classic Homecinema 1.3.1748.0 - free media player in the classic style, contains a variety of settings and options for the highest quality video playback
Paint.NET 3.53 - a simple but powerful and handy graphics editor, an excellent replacement for the standard Paint from Windows; work with layers, apply effects, work with your scanner and camera, zooming, expansion plug​

CD-DVD Utilities:
CDSlow 4.0 - a program to control speed CD / DVD drive, to limit the maximum speed of the drive, improves readability and prevents the rupture disk has many additional features
DAEMON Tools Lite 4.35.6 - small in size but powerful features Emulator CD-DVD-drives, may work with what you want discs that can bypass almost all the known security
UltraISO - a program for creating, editing, converting, modifying, and recording of CD-ROMs, with which you can modify the contents of disk images
UsefulUtils Disc Studio Final - a compact application for recording data, DVD-Video and audio streaming to optical disks​

Internet and Network:
BitMeter - Free software calculate traffic statistics, which allows the monitoring of internet connections and be measured in real-time speed receipt and transmission of information
Download Master - download manager of Ukrainian origin, simple and convenient, with friendly interface and support for lists of users
GreenBrowser 5.3.0203 - small free multi-window Web browser, built on the engine, Internet Explorer, but has a number of additional opportunities
MyLanViewer 3.3.5 - a tool for scanning local network computers, navigate their shared resources and sharing of network messages
POP Peeper 3.6 - a free program that serves to notify users about the appearance in their mailbox, the new e-mail
QIP Infium 2.0.9034 - multi-client with support for external modules, supports OSCAR, XMPP, Gtalk, LiveJournal, Mail.Ru Agent, IRC and XIMSS
μTorrent - a highly efficient and feature-rich BitTorrent-client is very small, surpassing their counterparts on the speed and functionality​

Igruhi (where do without them):
1000 3.0d - needs no introduction card game in which we all loved to play in childhood
Home Games Center 26.42 - a small home game center, a collection of popular puzzle games
KChess Elite - easy to use program for playing chess, is small in size and a lot of options, suitable for people of all skill levels
Sheep - cute sheep that runs around the screen and one of its kind a lot of fun
Gambling in the fool 6.3 - a set of card games, more than three dozen different versions of the game in the fool plus many different card games and solitaire​

Service is disabled (only disabled, not removed!):
MS Software Shadow Copy Provider
Link Tracking Client
Module support smart card (Smart-Card Helper)
The serial number of portable media devices (Portable Media Serial Number)
The System Restore service
Indexing Service
SSDP Discovery service
Service Error
Smart cards
Volume Shadow Copy
Remote Registry
Security Center (Security Center)​

System requirements:
Processor: 300MHz
RAM: 128Mb
HDD: 1.8 GB
Keyboard, Mouse​

MD5: 44652264dbaeaf7619557cb19223bff4​

Information about the program:
Medicine: not required
Size: 701.55 Mb​

Download Link:

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