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* Winner - FREDDIE 2008 award - The International Health & Medical Education Media Awards 2008 - Health Education Category
* Winner - FREDDIE 2008 award - The Michael E DeBakey, MD award for Outstanding Educational Entry
Read our Press Release on our FREDDIE Awards. Read more on our awards and see our short animation
* Winner of the BMA Book Prize - First prize in the Electronic Books Category​

"..an excellent addition to any departmental or personal library" Neil Tolley, Consultant ENT Surgeon, St Mary's Hospital, London, UK​

An interactive resource that gives you access to stunning 3D computer graphic modeling of the head, neck, face, larynx and pharynx, external, middle and inner ear, orbit and eyes, oral and nasal cavities, teeth, tongue, sinuses, cervical plexus, brachial plexus, plus an interactive laryngoscopic view down the trachea. Plus, you can also choose from 10 detailed 3D views of the brain and 13 views of cranial nerves.​

Interactive functions allow you to rotate the model through 360 degrees and add or remove layers of anatomy to view and label any feature with ease. Clicking on a feature will bring up hot links to all relating text, dissections, clinical slides, diagrams, illustrations, video clips and functional anatomy animations.​

Detailed and labeled cross section anatomy can be viewed in 3 planes and compared with equivalent MRI in up to 20 slices.​

Simple edit functions allow you to export and print any image from the software for use in your own presentations, patient education and student handouts.

* Transform your presentations and lectures. Use easy edit functions to export any image or animation for your own use.
* Explain conditions, treatment and procedures more quickly and efficiently using 3D images and slides during your consultations.
* Make teaching and learning enjoyable!​

Detailed List of Views​

* Head and neck
* Head
* Neck
* Face
* Anterior neck
* Eye
* Ear
* Nasal and oral cavities
* Oral cavity
* Pharynx and larynx
* Brain
* Cranial nerves
Cervical plexus
* Cervical plexus
Brachial Plexus
* Dermatomes
* Cutaneous innervation
* Surface anatomy
* Skull
* Individual bones​

Anatomy Section​

* Arteries
* Attachments
* Bone regions
* Bones
* Brain
* Cartilage
* Cutaneous distribution
* Dermatomes
* Ear
* Eye
* Fascia
* Glands
* Lacrimal apparatus
* Ligaments
* Lymphatic system
* Muscles
* Nerves
* Viscera
* Spinal cord
* Surface anatomy
* Tongue
* Veins​

"Optometrists and their patients will be amazed by the new interactive 3D Head and Neck software just released this month by Primal Pictures.​

OAA Staff were thoroughly impressed by the eye module which enables the user to view a 3D eyeball from any angle and “peel” back the layers to demonstrate the different structures inside the eye. The level of detail in the eye module is such that it would not be difficult for a lay person to understand the images; however it includes enough detail to enable the optometrist to demonstrate where most eye problems and diseases occur. In addition, there are layered 3D images of the orbit (including detailed views of the vascular supply and distribution of nerves), extraocular muscles and lacrimal apparatus. The software also provides an astonishing level of detail of the anatomy of the brain, head, neck, ears, face, oral cavity and skull that would be invaluable for any anatomy student – if only it were available when I was in 2nd year Optometry!
Paula Katalinic (OAA NSW Projects officer, Australia)​

"This DVD is an excellent attempt to traverse the bridge between academic knowledge and surgical ‘feel’. Its interactivity with MRI and clinical pictures surpasses the traditional anatomical tomes.."
K Evans. The Journal of Laryngology & Otology​

"The DVD shows excellent magnetic resonance imaging (MEI) sectional images of the head and neck along side diagramatic anatomical views. These are appropriately labelled and the images can be scrolled from deep to superficial as well as rotated in ther vertical plane. In days where less emphasis is placed on Anatomy teaching this would also be suitable for medical students, particularly as cadaver dissections are included. Traineees in radiology as well as those in the surgical disciplines would find this extremely instructive"
Neil Tolley, Consultant ENT Surgeon, St Mary's Hospital, London, UK​

"What a great surprise!! I received my order yesterday afternoon!! The fun part was my IT support staff was there. We loaded the CD and it was GREAT!!​

... my IT gentleman, said he supports some ninety MDs and Dentists in the area. None, has anything like this. I plan to use it today. I have a patient returning with neck problems and I know I can use your CD to show her exactly where the problem is. Thanks for all the communication and support. I will pass on to my fellow ENTs how great your product is.!!"
Joseph B Giletto MD FACS

* Dr Barry Berkovitz
Anatomy, Cell and Human Biology Group, GKT School of Biomedical Sciences, Guy's Campus, London, U.K.
* Claudia Kirsch, MD
St. Bartholomew's and The Royal London Hospital Trust, Diagnostic Imaging Neuroradiology Section, London, UK. Assistant Clinical Professor, Diagnostic Neuroradiology, David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA, USA
* Bernard J. Moxham
B.Sc., B.D.S., Ph.D, Cardiff University, UK
* Gus Alusi
PhD FRCS (ORL-HNS) St. Bartholomew's Hospital, Institute of Laryngology and Otology, University College London
* Tony Cheesman
FRACS Consultant, Wellington Hospital, London, UK​

Technical Specification:​

Single user licence​

Format: DVD-ROM 2.3 Gb​

PC/Windows OS: Windows 2000, XP, Vista
PC/Windows hardware: Pentium III Processor or equivalent, 256MB RAM, 1024x768 screen resolution, 24-bit colour.​

Mac OS: Mac OSX10.28 or greater
Mac OS Hardware: 1Ghz Processor or greater, 256MB RAM, 24-bit colour​

Title: 3D Head and Neck Anatomy with Special Senses and Basic Neuroanatomy
ISBN: 9781904369691
Format: DVD ISO
Quality: Ripped DVD, needs a crack which is included​

FILES : 1.85Gb
FIX : Crack​


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