Visual Watermark v2.9.11 لحفظ حقوقك على الصور

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Visual Watermark v2.9.11

من اروع برامج حفظ حقوقك على الصور وحمايتها من النسخ
يتوفر على ميزات خيالية رائعة وكثيرة جدآ .. سأضع جزء واحد من هذه التأثيرات الغاية في الروعة ..

[]Visual Watermark is a professional tool for digital pictures protection. It places visible watermarks on pictures that identify your authority and prevent illegal use of your images. The program places irreversible watermarks on the images for you, and these watermarks can't be removed using third-party software or using our software. This makes the protection strong. This tool doesn't embed any invisible watermarks. Visual Watermark has two modes: standard and wizard. They both provide the same set of functionality, but wizard mode is easier to start with and will help you become familiar with the program. We recommend you to start using Visual Watermark in wizard mode.


- Batch mode: protect a photo group of any size at a time.
- Protect photo independent of their format - Visual Watermark will process them all.
- Edit watermarks in a convenient graphical interface.
- Create watermarks out of graphics, text and EXIF values.
- Save watermarks for future use .
- Apply filters to watermarks : cast shadows , add contours , glowing , gradient and much more .
- Rotate watermarks for photos.
- Make watermarks more detailed for better protection .
- Write your data to EXIF .
- Adjust the size of photos.
- Pack your photos into the PDF format for better protection.[/quote]

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