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Lynda - Ninja Writing: The Four Levels of Writing Mastery

Lynda Ninja Writing: Levels Writing Mastery
Lynda - Ninja Writing: The Four Levels of Writing Mastery

Truly great nonfiction writers do more than just clearly communicate their ideas—they dazzle. These elite professionals have the uncanny ability to craft taut, elegant sentences that flow together in a way that's almost musical. In this course, instructor Shani Raja—a former editor for the Wall Street Journal—shares tactics that can help to take you to the summit of flawless writing. Here, Shani explains how to tap into the power of the four levels—narrative, paragraphs, sentences, and words—to sharpen your writing so that it stands out from your peers. Discover how to craft impactful intros that grab your reader's attention, choose evocative words, and avoid common mistakes. Whether you're tasked with writing a marketing email, an essay, or a cover letter, this course can help you communicate with style

Topics include
Kickstarting and organizing a narrative
Writing killer intros
Different paragraph styles
Sharpening sentences
Producing poetic sentences
Choosing precise words
Words that sound good together
How to boost your vocabulary

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Language: English
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Level: Intermediate
Created By: Shani Raja
Creation Date: 29-5-2018
Duration: 4h 11m
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