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Resolved Fuze 02 - HardSurface Gun Modeling in Maya

HardSurface Modeling
This is the second Tutorial from a series that will establish the Project Fuze. The idea of Fuze is to show you all my CG workflow from modeling to final render making this Gun model from Johnson Ting Neo Japan Universe.
This Tutorial is recommended for a beginner/intermediate level in Maya. Here I work with Maya 2014 and 2015, but this can be reproduced in any Maya version and in any other 3D software with similar modeling tools.

– 1 hour video with English audio. (Realtime)
– 15 hours of video speed-up x2 without audio. (31Go)
– Final Gun model .ma, .fbx, .obj
– Script, References, Maya Prefs…
Fuze02HardSurfaceGunModelInMaya.part1.ra r (0.97 GB)
Fuze02HardSurfaceGunModelInMaya.part3.ra r (0.97 GB)
Fuze02HardSurfaceGunModelInMaya.part4.ra r (0.97 GB)
Fuze02HardSurfaceGunModelInMaya.part6.ra r (0.97 GB)
Fuze02HardSurfaceGunModelInMaya.part7.ra r (867.78 MB)

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