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ايقونات ديجتال جويس PSD لمونتاج الفيديو Print Design Elements Library 007: Symbol Icons

المجموعة السابعة من ديجتال جويس Digital Juice Print Design Elements

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أيقونات ديجتال جويس PSD لمونتاج الفيديو والتصميم

Print Design Elements Library 007: Symbol Icons

ايقونات ديجتال لمونتاج الفيديو Print Design Elements Library Symbol Icons

Title: Digital Juice Print Design Elements
Official website: Digital Juice
Type dispensed: Graphics, Design Element
Resolution file: - 5000x5000 was 300 dpi
Format: PSD
Color space: RGB

Digital Juice Print Design Elements - library design elements, consisting of a multilayer Photoshop files High Definition!
Each set has its own set of complex shapes and textured styles. These fun, colorful items to help you solve absolutely any creative task. Twist, twirl, turn off any layer, animate each layer separately in any video editor, and you get a cardinally new material for future robots. So are born the new frames, clipart, postcard, cover, footage and a lot of a lot of different beauty

Print Design Elements Library 007: Symbol Icon takes common 2D symbols and gives them new life by rendering them in 3D so they work more easily together as iconic graphics. Common religious symbols such as the Star of David and Christian cross are included as well as male and female pictographs and icons, directional arrows, video playback buttons and currency signs, to name a few.

Volumes 4, 5, 6, 7 of the Print Design Element Library are unique volumes of stylized 3D rendered icons separated into 4 useful categories: Tech Icons, Around the House Icons, Mixed Icons and Symbol Icons. Because they are 3D rendered with the same color, texture and lighting, the objects in these volumes are a very unique, matched set of icons for everything from web pages to DVD menus to magazine headers. They are also great as a building block for logo development, giving any 2D idea a polished 3D look very quickly. Each object is also provided in 6 different angles, so you're never stuck with just one possibility and can use an object in a variety of different projects in different ways.

Instead of being limited to your 2D skills you can call on this library to add a sophisticated flair to something like an annual report cover or packaging project. The shapes are generic enough to act as universal icons of the object or idea they represent. For instance a light bulb can be a straightforward illustration of a household tool in a Fix-It Manual but it can also be used to highlight bright ideas on a poster about Driving Safely or Organizing your Closet

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Features:- 40layered Photoshop files5000x5000 pixel resolution for true Print QualityCombine layered elements to create your own customized Print Designs100royalty freeCompatibilityPhotoshop 7 or greater for new blending mode and layer set compatibilityMost Photoshop files will open in Photoshop 6 without any issues 

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ايقونات ديجتال جويس PSD لمونتاج الفيديو Print Design Elements Library 006: Mixed Icons

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