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VAZ 2010 V1.13 The next generation software synthesizer has arrived!

VAZ 2010 Synthesizer

The powerful VAZ 2010 Synthesizer architecture allows unique sounds to be crafted easily and quickly* essential for making your music stand out from the crowd. The quality and diverse range of analogue sounds will surprise you. Combine that with the ability to use sampled sounds like pianos* guitars* vocals* drum kits* and also live audio input which can then be processed through the synthesizer structure* and you have a hugely flexible sound source. VAZ 2010 then supports up to 16 of these synthesizers at one time* with up to 16 notes of polyphony per instrument!

Each of the 16 synthesizers can be played over MIDI* or using the high resolution timing provided by the VSTi and DXi plugin standards. There is also a handy QWERTY keyboard option for auditioning sounds when no external MIDI keyboard is available. In addition it is possible to use VAZ 2010 as an audio effects processor in any application supporting standard VST and DirectX plugins.


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