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CubeDesktop 1.1.2 portable برنامج إنشاء ستة أسطح مكتبية وهمية

CubeDesktop 1.1.2 portable برنامج إنشاء مكتبية وهمية

وظيفة البرنامج :

إنشاء 6 أسطح مكتبية (desktops) وهمية ومستقلة عن بعضها ، مما يساعدك على تحرير عملك بسهولة . يعتمد البرنامج على تقنية البعد الثلاثي لذلك تكون الأسطح المكتبية فائقة الجودة . ومع هذا البرنامج يمكنك تلافي المشاكل التي تحدث مع سطح المكتب الوحيد .
البرنامج يعمل مع نظام الأكس بي والفيستا
اشكال ثلاثية الابعاد لجهازك وسطح مكتبك غاية فى الروعة والجمال البرنامج يعمل مع ويندوز اكس بى وفيستا ويعطى منظر خلابة وايقونات غاية فى الجمال لمحبى تغيير شكل الويندوز والتمتع بكل ما هو جميل
CubeDesktop v1.1.2- XP & Vista

CubeDesktop description
Create six virtual and independent desktops, increasing the space you have to work and play
CubeDesktop application will create six virtual and independent desktops, increasing the space you have to work and play. Use our stunning 3D technology to quickly show, switch and move windows between desktops.

Here are some key features of "CubeDesktop":

Virtual desktops
· CubeDesktop creates six virtual and independent desktops, increasing the space you have to work and play.
· Being the most robust multiple desktop software, CubeDesktop solves the desktop clutter problem once and for all. Each virtual desktop is a distinct working environment. The taskbar shows only the applications opened on the current desktop, greatly reducing the clutter.

3D effects
· Use the 3D cube to preview, switch or move windows to another desktop. Or just for fun.
· Improve your Windows Vista experience. CubeDesktop is the best Vista addon so far, adding to your desktop incredible 2D and 3D effects.
· Windows and desktops update in realtime, like Windows Vista new thumbnails, but in true 3D.
· Impress everybody that looks at your computer and change the way you work with it!
· Moving windows between desktops
· CubeDesktop offers various ways to move applications amongst desktops.
· Drag a window near the edge of the screen to show the 3D cube and drop it on the desktop of your choice.
· "SendTo" menu items integrated into all applications' system menus allow you to send applications to the desired desktop.
· You can also use hotkeys to move the selected window to another desktop.

Live preview
· CubeDesktop is not like the classic utilities for Windows. Everything is live. When you switch between desktops using the 3D interface or the desktop explorer, you see a live preview of what's happening. All windows update in realtime, allowing you to see what you're really looking for.

Window organization
· Open the full graphical desktop preview to see all desktops at the same time. Every window is just one click away. Move them between desktops in a hurry.
· Autosend rules allow you to move windows to one desktop automatically when they open. When this happens, a notification bubble hint will inform you, no need to look for it!
· Named desktops will make it easier to organize your windows. Imagine having one "internet" desktop, one "work" desktop, ...

Desktop customization
· Every single desktop may have its own wallpapers, icons and name. Change your Windows wallpaper as usual and arrange your icons using your favourite layout on every single desktop, CubeDesktop just remembers everything when you switch between desktops.
· CubeDesktop also includes an integrated icon manager, allowing you to quick and easily which icons are shown on every desktop.
· Switch between tasks faster than ever before
· Switch between tasks using Window Exposer. With a single keypress or mouse move, Window Exposer instantly tiles all of your open windows, scales them down and neatly arranges them, so you can see what's in every single one. This feature brings to your Windows Vista desktop the most impressive Mac OS X Exposй-like experience.

Hot corners
· Just move the mouse pointer over the screen edges and watch how the action you configured gets executed.

Advanced visualization effects
· CubeDesktop uses advanced 2D and 3D techniques like animation with physical dynamics, transparency, reflection, lighting and antialiasing.
· All effects are fully configurable. 3D visualization also allows you to set personalized backgrounds and 360є panoramic skyboxes.
· 3D Windows Explorer
· 3D Desktop Flip
· Password protected access to virtual desktops
· Automatically start applications on specific desktops
· Change Windows Exposer appearance options
· Modify the background for 3D Windows Explorer and 3D Desktop Flip

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