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تجميعة برامج الماك 13 جيجا Best Apps For MacOSX Collection 2012

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... برامج الماك 13 جيجا ... Best Apps For MacOSX Collection 2012...
تجميعة برامج الماك MacOSX Collection
عن الإسطوانة
الاسم/ Best Apps For MacOSX Collection 2012
نظام التشغيل/ MacOSX
حجم الإسطوانة/ 12.9 GB
برامج الإسطوانة
All the best and only the best - A mix of freeware and paid programs - cracked (or with crack) and ready to go.
Programs included:
Roxio Toast Titanium V10.0.8
StuffIt Deluxe 2011 v15.0.0
Adobe Acrobat X Pro 10.0
Apple Final Cut Pro X v10.0
Adobe CS5.5 Master Collection
Apple iLife (2011)
Microsoft Office 2011 14.0.0 Final
Phase One Media Pro
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Manga Studio is a software product that allows users to scan, create, sketch, and ink digital and softcopies of their manga and comic artwork. Whether you want to simply enhance and perfect your pen-and-paper illustrations or you want to experience a completely digital creative process, Manga Studio 5 is the ultimate software tool for comic and manga creation.
Amazing New Effects and Tools
Amazing updates to Manga Studio make it comparable to other popular Photoshop and Painter. Manga Studio 5 provides several advancements over Manga Studio 4 to help you create a much more professional and polished look. These new advancements include new layer effects such as screen, overlay and multiply. Even brushes can now have effects of their own. User controlled anti-aliasing allows for a wider range of painting styles. New support for 3D objects and figures allows for reference and background materials.
Pencil and Ink Options
Manga Studio offers more versatility and flexibility than any other application when creating manga and comics. Create original sketches using your mouse or draw naturally with a Pen Tablet. Use scans of your existing paper artwork or import images or photos for use in your manga and comic creations. Draw using a suite of familiar tools including pens, pencils, brushes and selection tools. With vector mapping technology and smart pen pressure sensing, Manga Studio gives you incredible sensation of drawing on paper. Manga Studio allows you to work on vector layers to create resolution independent images.
Color your Artwork 
Manga Studio is your all in one manga and comic creation solution. Save time and money by no longer having to use other applications to professionally color your artwork. Choose from an abundance of preset colors or create your own colors and custom color sets. The possibilities are endless! Quickly switch back and forth between colors. Blend colors naturally as if you were mixing them with your own fingers using the color blend options.
Create Panels in a Snap
Easily add and customize panels for your pages, saving you the hassle of having to redraw artwork if a panel is not quite right the first time. You can also create panels of all shapes and sizes using Bezier curves.
64-Bit Architecture & Multi-Core CPU Support
Manga Studio 5 is now a 64 bit application! Improvements in speed and memory will be noticed by everyone who uses 64 bit machines. Manga Studio 5 has always been powerful, but now with 64-bit OS and multi-core CPU support, it has the capability to handle high definition and multiple layer art projects even more smoothly.
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