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Genuine Key

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كتاب رائع لتعليم و احتراف ويندوز 7 باللغه العربيه

الكتاب باللغه العربيه

بعض الشروحات داخل الكتاب

لتعليم احتراف ويندوز باللغه العربيه

اقتباس :-
1-How to. install windows 7
2-How to. change Desktop Icons
3-How to. change your Account Picture
4-How to. Customize Windows 7 Login Screen
5-How to. change and Remove Password
6-How to. Create a New Account
7-How to. Add Desktop Gadgets
8-How to. Add (Run Command) to Start Menu
9-How to. Drag and Drop to Command Prompt - It’s Back in Windows 7
10-How to. Configuring IPv4 In (NIC
11-How to. View your Active Network
12-How to. Share a Folder
13-How to. Link your online ID and share files in Homegroup
14-How to. Managing and Create New Volume
15-How to. Activate Windows 7
16-How to. Backup and Restore
17-How to. Encrypting and Decrypting Files
18-How to. Install XPM (XP Mode) on Windows 7
19-New Taskbar Features in Windows 7
20-How to. Install Arabic Language
21-Remote Assistance
22-How to. upgrade Windows XP sp2,3 to Windows 7
23-How to. upgrade Windows Vista to Windows 7
24-Installing Windows 7 in VMware Server 2.0
25-How to. Installing Windows 7 from Bootable USB Flash Drive
26-How to. Configure your Computer to Accept Incoming VPN Connections
27-How to. Configure Your Computer to Initiate Outgoing VPN Connections
28-How to Open a Command Prompt at Startup in Windows 7
29-How to Speed Up the Shut Down Time in Windows 7
30-How to Boot to the System Recovery Options in Windows 7
31-How to Boot VHD`s using Windows 7
32-How to Create a Windows 7 System Repair Disc

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كتاب اكثر من رائع لتعليم برنامج swish max باللغه العربيه

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