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Icon11 Création de brosses Photoshop et d'un Speed painting

Création brosses Photoshop Speed painting Tutorial Creating Photoshop brushes and a Speed painting with Photoshop CS6 French
In this tutorial Photoshop CS6 , you will learn to create and use brushes to make digital illustrations and other speed paintings. This training consists of 3 parts:
The comprehensive learning manager forms of Photoshop CS6 and earlier versions.
Creating various brushes starting from simple forms to more complex forms, using drawing and photographic databases. At the end of this chapter you create your own brushes clouds, trees, rocks, snow, etc. ….
The third part contains a complete step by step to create a speed painting brushes made ??from previously developed. This part is accelerated (to keep it interesting). You have all the audio commentary to describe what happens to the image, and give you some tips.
At the end of this course, you will know the full operation of the shapes and manager will be able to create your own painting tools to suit your projects. The training of a total duration of 2:45 ET accompanied by source files (. PSD, brushes, photos, etc …). It is compatible from Photoshop CS3 . The use of a graphics tablet is recommended


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