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برنامج ضغط ملفات PDF لتقليل حجمها ORPALIS PDF Reducer Pro 3.0.11

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برنامج ضغط ملفات PDF لتقليل حجمها

ORPALIS PDF Reducer Pro 3.0.11

برنامج ملفات لتقليل حجمها ORPALIS Reducer 3.0.11

ORPALIS PDF Reducer Pro 3.x -- 19.3 MB
Languages: English, French, Romanian

ORPALIS PDF Reducer is a powerful PDF compression Software for end users and developers meant to help anyone to get existing PDF files reduced up to 80% more than concurrent products.

To achieve that, ORPALIS PDF Reducer provides different innovative and highly sophisticated size-reducing techniques which can be optionally applied by user selection:
Content segmentation to increase compression ratio.
Automatically applies the most effective compression scheme based on data type.
Serialization of several compression algorithms.
Uses innovative automatic color detection mechanism.
Page layout analysis.
Embedded raster images re-sampling.
Embedded raster images re-compression.
Unused objects removing.
Remove unwanted specific objects such as annotations, bookmarks, formfields, embedded files

OS : Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/8/10
Language : English, French, Romanian



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