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Magix Audio Cleaning Lab 2005 v5.01 Final

Magix Audio Cleaning Lab 2005 v5.01 Final

Automatic volume adjustment (Auto Volume)
Perfect sound recycling from vinyl* cassette* CD* MP3 etc.
Fully automatic program guidance + intuitive real-time editing
Timer-controlled recordings (e.g. Internet radio)
Automatic recording: individual tracks identified and selected
25 professional studio effects for all applications (non-destructive)
Authentic sound characteristics for every music style
(dance* techno* classical* etc.)
Copy frequency spectra from your favorite CDs and sounds -
including many reference sounds (Sound Cloner)
At-a-glance overview with enlargeable wave display and visualizer
2-Track mode for arranging* crossfading and cutting
Karaoke: filter out singing - add your own voices
Recording function connection for phones* instruments* etc.
Automatic video sound track cleaning (AVI)
Burn music CDs* MP3 files and backups (burn-proof support / (DAO)
Export as WAV* OGG Vorbis* Internet Streaming Format
(WMA) or MP3 files (upgradeable MP3 demo encoder with 20 runs)

MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab 2014

Magix Audio Cleaning v5.01 Final

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