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Micro-Scope 12.00l - PC diagnostic software

Micro-Scope 12.00l - PC diagnostic software

من البرامج المهمة جدا في صيانة الكمبيوتر ورصد أعطاله والتأكد من فاعليته، يضم المواصفات التالية

Operating System Independent—Micro 2000* Inc.’s proprietary operating system (MS2000) is written in assembly language and specifically designed for hardware diagnostics. This allows for direct access to the hardware and entirely bypasses the DOS and Windows translations* eliminating the inaccuracies common to all O/S dependent diagnostics. NEW! Now available on bootable CD with all new GUI interface.

System Information—Directly queries the hardware to identify the exact device such as CPU* NPU* BIOS name and version* fixed disk including manufacturer name and model number* video and ports. System information is extremely detailed and spans 3 full screens of vital data incorporated from DMI* Plug & Play* and PCI resources. NEW! Identifies AMD’s Opteron and Intel’s Itanium 64-bit processors.

DMI System Information—Pooled from the DMI (Desktop Management Information) area of the BIOS* it shows extended system information such as bus types supported* maximum speed and voltage settings for the CPU* and cache size and type. NEW! Now Supports DMI 2.0 Specification.

Multi-Processor Support & Testing—Identifies and tests up to 4 Processors in a system with the latest Intel and AMD processors.

Accurately Identifies Conflicts—Specific device-type routines identify device type* IRQ usage* and DMA usage even if two or more devices use the same resources. Also checks for PCI and Plug & Play devices. This is absolutely essential for upgrading and adding hardware.

Health Status—This feature displays up to 3 temperatures* 3 fan speeds* and 8 voltage readings.

IDE and SCSI Identification—Shows IDE model* serial number* and firmware version* and SCSI manufacturer name* product name* and SCSI bus width support.

Plug and Play Identification—Provides actual locations on all installed and active Plug and Play devices.

PCI Identification—Detects all PCI devices on the bus and provides basic parameters for each listed device including device number* ID* type* subtype* and device attributes.

USB Identification & Testing—Identifies the USB host controller and tests the host controller’s functionality on the system board* for USB 1.1 and 2.0.

Batch Tests/Report Features—Allows continuous or pass-bound running of any or all tests* and automatically generates a full diagnostic report which can be saved to a diskette* output to the printer or displayed on screen. An on screen and audio alert notifies you when tests are finished. Batch test can be loaded separately at boot* allowing the diskette to be removed to test multiple systems simultaneously.

NEW! Save/Restore CMOS—Create a safe backup of the CMOS contents* and restore the CMOS as needed.

NEW! Save/Restore MBR—Save a copy of the Master Boot Record to a backup file* and restore it as needed to the same drive or another drive.

System Board Tests—Accurate testing of the CPU* NPU* 16 IRQ channels* 8 DMA channels* Real Time Clock* Keyboard controller* Clock Timer Chip* PS/2 Mouse controller* and speaker.

Base Memory Testing—Prior to loading the entire diagnostic* test for errors in the first 640K which would prevent other diagnostic programs and operating systems from loading.

NEW! Make Bootable Disk Utility—Makes bootable diagnostic floppy disks from the CD.

Unlimited Memory Testing—Micro-Scope has extensive testing of the memory with no upper limit using special cache avoidance steps to ensure the problem lies in the memory and not in the cache. A wide array of tests include Pseudo-Random* Xor’ed Address Test* Bit Test* Proximity Test* and Pattern Test and will find even obscure memory problems such as physically mis-linked cells and refresh issues.

Video Testing—Accurately tests video adapter to the extent of the capabilities of the card regardless of monitor limitations* and all video memory without size limitations. Tests video RAMDAC (if supported by the video card)* screen focus testing and extended VESA testing on newer video cards.

SCSI Testing—SCSI Testing includes the Read* Write* and Seek capabilities of SCSI drives.

Low Level Format—Performs or initiates a low-level format on all drive types (MFM* RLL* ESDI* SCSI* and all IDE drives) even if the BIOS LBA functions are enabled. This includes factory-type initialization of all IDE & EIDE drives* as well as access to true factory-style format routines.

Accurate Boot Record and Partition Recovery—Quickly restores master boot records in DOS machines which have been corrupted or damaged by viruses. Floppy and fixed disk editors display in hex and ASCII and allow technicians to edit the boot sector and volume boot on any hard drive in both FAT 16 and FAT 32 environments. Even works with ‘Hidden’ partitions.

Cache Memory Testing—All Internal and External cache memory including sub-systems are tested to identify the exact failure. Micro-Scope will also determine if the cache controller is active.

Hard Disk Testing—Performs Read* Write* and Butterfly Seek tests on any fixed disk. Also displays and edits physical parameters* partition parameters* and CMOS parameters on any drive. This is not a database and does not have to be updated. Distinguishes the drive controller from the drive mechanism* (impossible under DOS) and finds any physical or electronic defect on the drive or the controller. Allows for relocating Track 0 on supported IDE drives. Safe Write Test allows user to perform a write test without destroying any data on the drive.

Floppy Disk Testing—Accurately tests any portion of a floppy drive* including read* write* format* safe write* and butterfly seek tests. Tests all media formats up to 2.88mb and includes a user-defined option for higher media formats.

Peripheral Testing—Complete and accurate testing of mouse* joystick* keyboard* printer port and sleep button.

Serial and Parallel Port Testing—Far surpasses the capabilities of DOS or Windows-based diagnostics to provide the most extensive and accurate testing available for all ports regardless of IRQ or I/O port assignment* and detects the interrupt a serial or parallel device is actually using regardless of how it is believed to be configured. All lines are tested on the external tests with the included loopback connectors. Instantly identifies UART capabilities. Also tests FIFO capabilities (if present) of any serial port.

Modem Testing—Tests modems in connected or non-connected mode* including major AT modem commands. Retrieves modem’s information and type directly from the modem’s chipset.

Multimedia Testing—Performs Read and Seek tests of CD-ROM* CD-ROMs in DVD drives* and CD-R drives. SoundBlaster-compatibles and Adlib tests include full synthesizer tests with frequency as well as volume and gain control testing for left* right* and stereo channels. ATAPI CD-ROM information includes CD-ROM speed* buffer size* and read/write capabilities.

NEW! Now includes standard AC’97 multimedia testing.

LAN Card Testing—Micro-Scope internally tests LAN cards with chipsets from Intel* 3Com* RealTek* National* and SMC. NEW! Now allows for selection of any NIC card in the system when multiple cards are detected. Also additional chipset support has been added* increasing the number of cards supported.

IDE Drive Testing—Tests Read and Seek functions of removable drives including LS-120* Iomega ZIP* and IDE CD-ROM drives. IDE CD-ROM drives can even be tested without drivers.

Realtime Benchmarks—The benchmarks in Micro-Scope are based on the Real Time Clock (RTC)* and not on making a comparison to another system like other utilities on the market. Because of our direct hardware access we are not subject to significant I/O delay introduced by the BIOS.

Secure Wipe—Completely erases drive contents for security of classified or sensitive data. Three security levels available that meet or exceed all government and commercial requirements for drive sterilization.

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