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Easy WordPress Theme Development with Bootstrap

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Easy WordPress Theme Development with Bootstrap

WordPress Theme Development Bootstrap

Easy WordPress Theme Development with Bootstrap
MP4 -- Video: AVC 1280×720 -- Audio: AAC 44KHz 2ch -- Duration: 6 Hours -- Lec: 56 -- 2.80 GB
Genre: eLearning -- Language: English

Themes from scratch/HTML/CSS3/PHP/Install Server/Drop Down Menu/Customizer/Custom Fields/Enqueue Scripts/Site MigrationMake More Money by learning new skills in an easy, "WordPress Themes from scratch" 6 hour course.

Less time wasted watching me type code and more time dealing with concepts at a relaxed pace!

Yes you can! This course will show you how anyone with basic computer skills can create WordPress themes that are responsive, mobile friendly and professional.

I will show you the basics (which is all you need to know for the course) of html, CSS3, PHP, and the WordPress tags that make WordPress work

Together, we will build your skills up from knowing very little about web page layout into a marketable skill that you can expand upon throughout your career. Using Bootstrap and WordPress you can develop professional websites that every business owner requires.
All you need for the course is your own computer and be connected to the internet. I will show you where to download for free:
code editor
Mamp (a server that installs on your home machine)
I will supply you with working web pages/themes that we will go through together. Building up your skills in easy bites! All of the code examples have been simplified and optimized for you to easily grasp the basics, allowing you to build your skills quickly.
This course is ideal for:
Web Designers
Marketing Professionals
WordPress Administrators
Graphic Designers
Internet Specialists
There is no better skill to develop for today's workforce than those that you can show of your mastery of the internet and marketing. Your understanding of how to build a WordPress theme can give you an edge in your business or employment profile.
This Course is designed for those that need to bring their skill level of WordPress Theme Development up as quickly as possible.
How to create page templates
How to create side bars
How to create custom fields
How to create widget areas
How to create a responsive drop-down-menu
How to enqueue scripts
How to enable customizer to work with your theme
How to pull in content or images from one page to another
How to pull in images from your posts to your blog page
How to change your password using phpMyAdmin to edit database
How to package up your theme in a zip file
How to migrate your website

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