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Application of soil nailing for slope stability purpose - UTS Student Final Project

The soil nail application has been developed in the last 30 years. This method is growing
rapidly and becoming more popular due to its advantages. Use of the soil nail method for
reinforcing unstable slopes is one of the most favourable solutions in geotechnical
engineering practice. Thus, there would be a lot of benefit for future use which would be
associated with the development of the soil nail application for slope stabilisation.
This project will present the application of soil nail for slope stabilisation. The benefits and
limitations of soil nail and its construction procedures are described. In addition, design
requirements and quality control specifications are explained. Slope stability analysis using
"SLOPE / W" code is demonstrated and a design method of soil nail using Slope / W is
described in detail. Two selected case studies, located in Hong Kong and Australia, are
presented to demonstrate the effectiveness of the soil nail system for slope stabilisation.
These case studies present a typical design method used for soil nail walls. A simplified hand
calculation method is compared with the limit equilibrium approach used in Slope / W code.
It should be noted that soil nailing is one of the methods used for stabilising medium size
slopes. Enhancing public education for the landslide hazard is the most desirable way to
prevent human loss and property damage in high landslide risk areas. In this study, some
recommendations regarding increasing public awareness about landslide hazards are
described as well.

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EJGE Slope 2004 - Slope Stability Analysis Software

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