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UnFold3D VS&RS 2017.0.2

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UnFold3D VS&RS 2017.0.2

UnFold3D VS&RS 2017.0.2

UnFold3D VS&RS 2017.0.2

UnFold3D VS&RS 2017.0.2 | 53.6 mb

Rizom-Lab, a new company founded by Unfold3D author Rémi Arquier, has released an updated two new editions of the popular UV unwrapping software: Unfold3D RS and Unfold3D VS.

New features Unfold3D RS and Unfold3D VS:

New features: shell groups, improved UV packing, FBX support
New features include the introduction of shell groups, which can be defined using selection, material ID or smoothing groups, and distributed in “multiple and highly configurable UDIM tiles”.
UV packing now uses UV space more efficiently, placing smaller UV shells “between and inside the empty spaces of bigger ones”.
The new UV packer handles shell groups as well as locked and stacked shells; and shells and groups can now be assigned properties including vertical, horizontal or automatically optimised orientation.
There are also two new algorithms for automatically generating the seams along which a model’s UVs are unwrapped; two new welding modes; and “lots of little changes and featurettes, like Flip/Align/Parallelize”.
The software is also now compatible with FBX files as well as OBJ files.
Workflow changes: unwrapping updates in real time, single-click workflows for common operations
Every change to the topology of a model – for example, a cut or weld operation – now results in the unwrapped UV layout updating automatically, letting users see the results in real time.
To “reduce the click-fest UV mapping can sometimes turn into”, most features in the software can now be activated by hovering the mouse over the UV layout and pressing a single key. For example, hovering over a UV shell and pressing will re-unwrap the shell.
Arquier also tells us that the update introduces a “better, more ergonomic” rectangular transform tool for all primitive types that enables users to select the transform reference point “in a much easier way”

UnFold3D VS&RS 2017.0.2
About Unfold3D RS and Unfold3D VS. This two new editions of the popular UV unwrapping software. VFX and VR work respectively – the names stand for ‘Real Space’ and ‘Virtual Spaces’.

The UV unwrapping technology inside Maya and used by many top studios
Over the past decade, Unfold3D has become one of the most popular third-party UV unwrapping packages in the CG industry, in use at studios including Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, The Mill and Animal Logic.
The core technology is also integrated into Maya, and was previously integrated into Softimage.
Until earlier this year, the standalone edition of the software was sold through a publisher, Polygonal Design, but Arquier has since launched his own company to market the new versions directly.
New editions for specific markets
If you’ve used Unfold3D before, the new edition that will be most familiar to you is probably Unfold3D VS.
Designed for games, VFX and VR, the software is designed to unfold and pack the UVs of large production assets, and comes with automated and manual tools for cutting seams and reducing texture stretching.
Unfold3D RS, which is intended for product and packaging design, includes “all the features of Unfold3D VS” but works in unnormalised UV space, respecting the absolute dimensions of the original model.
There is also a new Unfold3D C++ library, designed to enable studios or third-party developers to integrate the technology into their own tools.

About Rizom-Lab. Rizom-Lab is the creator’s company of the worldwide used UV mapping software Unfold3D. Our main concern is the development and the enhancement of our technology to propose the most advanced UV solutions and algorithms directly to 3D artists and product designers, or in a form that can be integrated into others 3D editing software.

Product: UnFold3D
Version: VS and RS 2017.0.2.gb8c671b Branch master
Supported Architectures: x64
Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or newer
Size: 53.6 mb



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