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برنامج رسم الخطط والحدود والمخططات Metes and Bounds v4.9.1

برنامج احترافي لرسم المخططات والخطط لأغراض متنوعة مثل الحصص والحدود ورسم الخرائط وإجراء عمليات حسابية مختلفة للمسافة والمحيط وأكثر من ذلك. ويأتي هذا البرنامج مع معالج الرسم التي تساعد على خلق فرص عمل جديدة تحددها الخطة المرسومة.

التطبيق يحتوي على واجهة بسيطة وتحتوي على مجموعة من الأدوات ويركز على الرسم. معالج الرسم المذكور يسألك عدة أسئلة حول نوع من الخطة التي ترغب بها والبرنامج سيقوم بإنشاء وبناء الخطط بناء على الإجابات المقدمة، والمعالج يحتوي على خطط مسبقة للمساعدة في تحقيق الأهداف المطلوبة.

Metes and Bounds v4.9.1
برنامج الخطط والحدود والمخططات Metes Bounds v4.9.1

As the name suggests, Metes and Bounds is a program that can create plot maps and perform various calculations for perimeter distance and more. The program comes with a drawing wizard that helps create new plot outlines.
The app has a simple interface that includes a bunch of tools and focuses on the current drawing. The aforementioned Drawing Wizard asks you several questions about the type of plan you want to create and based on the provided answers, the wizard presets some of the values to help accomplish your goals.

Some items can be added to the plans, such as pictures, labels and text, as well as a title block.
Lines, curves and corners may be added to the drawing by specifying the exact position, orientation and distance from another point.
The program can work with multiple layers in the same drawing, providing options for using a scaled background image, such as a section or topographical map.
The bottom line is that Metes and Bounds is a nice tool that can come in handy if you often work with land plots. Less experienced individuals shouldn’t have any problems while working with this utility, thanks to its intuitive interface.

- Perform calculations: Square Feet, Acres, Hectares, perimeter distance and more.
- Easy to use data entry form: Enter lines or curve data.
- Layers: Layers allow you to have multiple deeds on a single drawing. Layers can be free floating or locked to a common starting point.
- Metes & Bounds will calculate if the survey closes or not. Calculate closure errors.
- Auto-Completion of drawing. If you're missing the final segment of your land plotting data, let our Metes and Bounds land plotting software finish it for you. Have a bad or missing call? Enter a question mark (?) for the call and let the software find the missing call for you.
- Multiple measurement types: Data can be inputted using Feet, meters, rods, chains, varas and many other measurement types
- Easy to use measuring tool. Estimate the distance between any two points on the screen.
- Automatic labeling: Each line can be automatically labeled with the length and call. End points can be marked for easier recognition. End points can also be labeled with information like the interior and exterior angles.
- Create custom labels and backgrounds. Labels can be rotated in 90 degree increments. Drawings can include a call list:
- Backgrounds can be set to scale with your plot drawing.
- Split a single plot into multiple plots. Split the plot by hand, or choose a starting point and let the Metes and Bounds software find the nearest halves automatically for you.
- Create section drawings.
- Exporting: Metes and Bounds data can be exported as a DXF file, KML File, CSV file and more.
- Printing: Printouts can include borders, call list, north arrow and title block.
- Real-world X,Y coordinates. Export real-world X,Y coordinates for integration with other mapping software such as GIS software.
- Custom X,Y points. Use custom X,Y points to mark and label unique land features on the metes and bounds drawing.
- Real-world Latitude and Longitude coordinates. Enter the latitude and longitude for a plot's POB and let the metes and bounds software calculate the latitude and longitude for each of the other end points.
- Waypoints to metes and bounds calls. Convert a set of waypoints, x/y or Latitude/Longitude based, into a list of metes and bounds calls.
- Enter Waypoints and Tracks. Add GPS waypoints and tracks to your drawings. Import GPX and KML files. Make calculations like the distance between two waypoints.

برنامج الخطط والحدود والمخططات Metes Bounds v4.9.1


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