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Genuine Key

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Egypt Only. Arabic Audio Subliminal CD, Change your life while you sleep.

The First and best Audio Sbliminal Arabic CD.
This CD Helpes you learn new things while you are sleeping.
It Helps you to go to sleep easilly, Helps you to stop smoking, gain self confidence, Ability to gain more friends, Ability to knowledge of how to open new subjects, Helps you to eat better and reduce weight, Helps you to quit drinking, Helps you to play sports, Helps increasing your ceative Ability and intuwittion, Helps in elevating the fact that you are very shy, Helps you in your social life, Helps you , it also helps you to become famouse among your peers.

The First Arabic Audio Subliminal CD.
اول اسطوانه أيحائية باللغة العربية.
Change your life to the better.
غير حياتك للأفضل.
you will sleep easily ستنام بسهوله
Loose weight. أنقص وزنك
Stop Smoking توقف عن التدخين
gain self confidence أكتسب الثقة بالنفس
gain more friends أكتسب أصدقاء أكثر
how to open new subjects كيف تفتح مواضيع جديدة
play sports العب رياضة
increasing your ceative Ability ذيادة المقدرة الأبتكاريه
Overcome shyness تغلب على الخجل
Imrove your social life حصن حياتك الأجتماعية
....etc .......الخ الخ.

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Holy Qur'an in Arabic Audio with Translation in multiple languages

عايز اعمل : Arabic egypt , Keyboard Arabic 101 English US , Keyboard US

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