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Genuine Key

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Smadav Pro 2018 v12.2 + Keygen + Portable !{Latest}​

Smadav v12.2 Keygen Portable !{Latest}​

Smadav Pro is antivirus for additional protection of your computer, USB stick total protection and thoroughly cleaning widespread stops apps from being running in background (Without your permisions).

Just check this app as its one of the awesome apps.

Key Features of PRO
Automatic Update Online – SmadAV Pro can perform an automatic update with an internet connection whenever there is a new revision. SmadAV will install new revisions automatically without user command.

Unlike the Free SmadAV, you still have to do the update manually by downloading the new revision in and open the program first SmadAV to update SmadAV on your computer.

Faster Scanning – Smad-Turbo can be activated to speed up the scanning process. SmadAV perform filtering by file type so SmadAV only scan the files were most likely infected with a virus.

This feature is very effective in accelerating the process of scanning without compromising the ability of detection.

Exception List – SmadAV Exception List Pro has a feature that can be used to ignore (ignore) scanning the file, folder, or a specific registry that you consider safe and should be ignored. Once a file, folder, or registry added to the Exception List, then he will be ignored and will no longer be detected by SmadAV as viruses.
Smadav v12.2 Keygen Portable !{Latest}​


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Smadav 2018 Rev 11.9.1.Silent.Install

تفعيل smadav antivirus 2018 + المفاتيح

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